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Eye On Design: Wrought Iron Dragon Door Sculpture

dragon door photo by gail
All Photos By Gail

In NYC, you will come across amazing discoveries every few feet if you just keep your eyes open. I was walking to the train from a fun visit to the newly-reopened Metropolitan Museum of Art when this unique, wrought iron sculptural door caught my eye. And how could it not: It looks like a medieval Dragon is struggling to burst forth from behind a cage onto the sidewalk! Very Scary!

dragon head photo by gail

While I did not want to trespass onto private property, I did sneak a bit closer so that  I could get a good detail shot of the Dragon’s head. It is super cool! I have no clue who the artist is but what an awesome thing to have designed to make this building stand out. I wonder if Game of Thrones fans live there?

spider web window guard photo by gail

They’ve also kept the design cohesive by adding these spider-web-like guards to the first floor windows. This place is officially ready for Halloween all year long. Well done!

These Architectural Features are Part of a Five-Story, Three-Unit Building (According to Street Easy, Although I Suspect it’s a Private Home) Located at 52 East 81st Street between Madison and Park, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

dragon door sculpture photo by gail worley

“For The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors”

For-the-Night-is-Dark Heart

Hey, all of you Game of Thrones freaks out there! How excited does it make you to learn that you can get this rad GOT saying on a flaming heart, emblazoned on anything you might desire: from a simple T-Shirt to a Smart Phone Case to a Baby Onesie (appropriate!)?

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Betting On Bad Luck for Friday the 13th: What Are Your Odds?

Friday the 13th GOT
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Hey! it’s Friday the 13th this week — the only such occurrence in 2014! — and What makes it even more exciting is that Mercury is also Retrograde. So, your luck will be extra shitty! Just kidding! Who believes in all that stuff anyway? Hmmm… Fact: As many as twenty-one million people around the nation fear this date, causing an estimated $800 million in lost business dealings each time it occurs. Superstitious or not, everyone is aware whenever Friday the 13th approaches and tries to avoid being unlucky, so it’s no big surprise that real money slot machines don’t get played very much on these days, people prefer use the betfair bet credits online. You can also check out www.canadascasino.ca for more online casino games.

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According to spokesman Randy McInnis, who is a self-proclaimed “world’s most obsessive gambler” – and who’s been running CompareTheBets, a comparison gambling website where you can see CompareTheBets’ list of promo codes “Whether there is any validity to things going wrong on Friday the 13th or not, people continue to be weary. I, for one, won’t take anything for granted.” I recommend to try out your luck in roulette, find best roulette websites from https://www.boomtownbingo.com/roulette.

Odds for the calamities that can befall the population on Friday June 13th:

Flight delayed 5/1
Accidentally send an embarrassing text message 500/1
Cable/Internet stops working 700/1
Lose your keys 900/1
Girlfriend/Boyfriend breaks up with you 1000/1
Car breaks down 1000/1
Lose your wallet 1100/1
Lose your job 1200/1
Get divorced 1400/1
Lose your engagement/wedding ring 1600/1
Get in a car accident 2000/1
Power goes out 8,000/1
Get robbed 8,000/1
Get injured at work 10,500/1
Computer crashes losing important files 12,000/1
Unable to leave house due to Triskaidekaphobia 1,000,000/1
Flight delayed due to black cat on runway – 10,000,000/1
Get struck by lightning 182,000,000/1
Pick every correct lottery number except #13 – 200,000,000/1
Get bitten by a zombie – 50,000,000,000/1

As you can see — and especially if you understand Fractional Odds — nothing all that bad has much of a chance of really happening. And hey, it’s Friday after all! So, have fun out there!