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Devil’s Music Sing-Along T-Shirt

Devils Music Singalong

Oh, man, this sure does inspire sweet nostalgia for the happy days of the Record Listening Party! Why not sing along to 25 of your favorite horrendously inappropriate songs while rocking this awesome T-shirt design by Steven Rhodes! Devil’s Music Sing-Along T-Shirt is on sale now for just $21.95 at This Link!

Hail Satin T-Shirt

Hail Satin

Because, Spelling! Own it for just $19.95, at This Link!

Pick Two

Pick Two
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Which two do you choose?

Bacon Thing of The Day: Hail Bacon

Hail Bacon
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I know you were just waiting for it to come to this, right?

Happy Birthday, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath!

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Original Black Sabbath drummer, Bill Ward was born on this day, May 5th, in 1948! Happy Birthday, Bill! Hail Satan!