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Yes, It Exists: King Diamond Action Figure

King Diamond Action Figure
Photo By Gail

You are not hallucinating; this is an officially licensed King Diamond Action Figure that you can own! Created by Super7, the best description I could find of this awesome collectible, including the priceless headline, was found Right Here:


Who said rock stars can’t also be action heroes? With this King Diamond ReAction Action Figure, you can add the famous Danish musician to all your wild adventures. Have him save the day with his impressive vocal range, or with his powerful Dark Metal ballads. Either way, he’s a perfect piece to add to your collection.

You can find King Diamond on various sites around the web for prices ranging from $19.99 to $24.99, so do some creative Googling and get a bargain!

Spotted at The Five Points Festival!

Hail Satin T-Shirt

Hail Satin

Because, Spelling! Own it for just $19.95, at This Link!

Map of Metal

Image Source

Map Of Metal is a totally addictive and endlessly entertaining interactive website, designed by Metal Historian Nick Grant and Graphic Designer Patrick Galbraith. The site traces Metal music all the way through from its 1960s beginnings to its latter-day mutation into crazily specific genres (Black Ambient, Mathcore, Crust Punk, Swedish Death Metal, etc ad infinitum). Continue reading Map of Metal

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Press Photos Of All Time

black metal guy
“Dude, XYZ!”

Nothing speaks to me about the dark spirit of Halloween quite like cheesy, embarrassing Press photos of Black Metal Bands that take themselves so unbelievably seriously that they just come off like huge jokes. Here’s a really a fun list compiled by Mike Hobart of Ruthless Reviews, that goes all the way back to 2006. Mike obviously took some serious time to sort through a hefty pile of press photos to come up with the 10 most embarrassing of the lot. His commentary accompanying each photo is pretty funny as well. See the full list at Ruthless Reviews. Happy Halloween, everyone!

immortal band
Immortal (These Guys Made the List Twice!)

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Black Metal KFC Commercial

This makes me so hungry for fried chicken. Thanks to Marc Schapiro for the tip!