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Video Clip of The Week: Neon Indian, “Techno Clique”

A fried chicken drumstick, eagerly consumed while dancing at an (apparent) retirement party/rave, becomes a deadly weapon for one man in the video for “Techno Clique,” from Texas-based uber-chill electronic dance band, Neon Indian. Surely, no one can accuse this band of not having any original ideas for its videos! Vocalist Alan Palomo (who, it must be said, is very easy on the eyes) plays a club DJ presiding over the celebratory festivities when things go wrong under the spinning mirror ball, and the man-of-the-hour requires the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the threatening hunk of meat. But who can stop dancing long enough to perform the Hug of Life? Like a British Soap opera, it’s lots more fun than it sounds, and who doesn’t love a chill mix that you can groove to? Today, please let “Techno Clique” (from the group’s latest release, VEGA INTL. Night School), be your morning jam. Enjoy!

Neon Indian’s Current US Tour Dates Are:

4/17 – Atlanta, GA – Sunset Series @ Park Tavern
5/06 – New York, NY – The Grid NYC
5/14 – Dallas, TX – HomeGrown Music and Arts Festival
6/23 – Ogden, UT – Ogden Twilight Series
6/25 – Rothbury, MI – Electric Forest Festival
7/15-17 – Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Music Festival

Neon Indian Video Still

No Parking on the Lunch Meat Dance Floor

The Derby: Southern-Inspired Dining on the Lower East Side

Front Door Signage
All Photos By Gail

The choice corner lot that formerly housed Tiny Fork Oyster Bar (RIP) is now home to a bright and casual Southern-Inspired bar and dining hall called The Derby. While this lower east side neighborhood has its share of up-and-coming eateries boasting a farm-to-table ethic, as far as location goes, you probably couldn’t ask for a better spot to enjoy an early summer evening dinner. Weather permitting, the front room keeps the doors and windows open to the street while the rear dining area remains flooded with natural light from its east-facing span of tall windows. The vibrant yellow-painted metal chairs, dark wood tables and antique bistro lighting (possibly left over from the space’s previous incarnation) add to The Derby’s welcoming vibe. Of course, the people watching is excellent.

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Random Thoughts on KFC’s Double Down Chicken Sandwich

Is It Wrong That I Want To Eat This Thing? It Looks So…Tasty

I know I’m late to the party blogging about something made with fried chicken, bacon and cheese, but I think I figured out why KFC has begun to make what is essentially a Redneck version of  Chicken Cordon Bleu. KFC does not actually expect the vast majority of people (or dogs for that matter) to eat this thing. In fact, I would imagine that they do not anticipate much in the way of direct profits. I think they did this to skew our sense of what is acceptable to eat.

If I am a fatty (I said “if”! Yay for Internet anonymity!), or even just an occasional fast food consumer, now I can pull up to KFC and order more liberally without the guilt. Whereas before I would have felt like a monster for ordering a Famous Bowl, a large Coke, a biscuit, and a chocolate lava cake, that now seems sensible compared to the Double Down. So, my $10 worth of artery-clogging junk food, which makes my left arm hurt to look at it, has now been normalized.