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Product Review: Oryx Desert Salt

oryx desert salt and pepper boxes photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail (Except Where Noted)

It’s a fact: salt is the smallest ingredient in any meal, and yet it makes the biggest difference. Don’t get me started on how cooking rice and pasta in boiling salted water completely transforms the finished product. Even in baking, a pinch of salt significantly enhances the flavor of ingredients like chocolate. While most prepared foods certainly don’t need any added salt, much of what we cook from scratch would be rather tasteless without it. The thing is, not all salt is created equal.

There are different kinds of salt to choose from — Himalayan salt, Sea salt, regular Table salt —  but I was unfamiliar with Desert Salt until being introduced to Oryx Desert Salt at this years Summer Fancy Find Show. Oryx Desert Salt boasts an impressive list of benefits, not only in taste but in sustainability — which is important. They offered to send me a sample so that I could taste the difference for myself, and soon I received the following:

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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Coffin!

J&Ds Bacon Coffin
Because You Love Bacon to Death

J&D Foods, the makers of delicious Baconaise (it’s Kosher) and Bacon Salt (I own it) have thrown down the gauntlet with the launch of their new Bacon-themed coffin! It’s not actually made of bacon (because that would be just weird, right?) but it is painted in a lovely Bacon-esque design of brown and gold bacony stripes. Seriously, look at the sheen on this thing! It looks like a new car! The Bacon Coffin is sweet ride to the afterlife indeed!

J&D’s Bacon Coffin is in stock now and priced to move at just $2,999.99! Bacon Fans who are dying to pick one up can click on over to This Link!

Thanks to Nick at The Littlest Winslow For The Tip!

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Rim Salt

Mmm… bacon flavored salt! If you’ve never tasted a delicacy so packed with flavor it makes you think you’ve died and gone to a bacon-infused heaven, prepare to. With a savory, smoky tang, Demitri’s Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Rim Salt is the perfect compliment your perfect Bloody Mary! Salt has never added so much taste to a drink and the container is the perfect size for rimming glasses (ba-dum-bum)! This tasty product sells for just $6.95 and can be purchased from Kegworks Dot Com.

Angelina Jolie in Salt: Worth Seeing

As much as I couldn’t possibly care less to hear or read about Angelina Jolie’s personal life with Brad Pitt and their dozen or so offspring, I will admit this much: she is nice to look at. If you love movies that are basically 90-minute chase scenes and you also enjoy looking at Angelina Jolie, then this new movie that she stars in, which is called Salt, is your cinematic wet dream. Salt is a movie which is best seen without any beforehand knowledge of the very loose plot, because the more you know the less you will be surprised by a couple of key plot twists, only one of which I saw coming. All you need to know going in is that in Salt, Jolie plays a CIA operative who is accused of being a Russian Spy. Once that scene plays out, it’s all about watching Angelina Jolie jump from one speeding semi to another speeding semi, roundhouse kick dudes in the head, and basically slaughter every other character in the film with anything and everything from machine guns to handcuffs to her bare hands, all the while looking fucking fantastic, even when she is covered in blood. Acting! Salt also stars Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor (hot) as a couple of Salt’s CIA cohorts. I was entertained and, for a free movie screening, that is all that matters. The Worleygig gives Salt Four out of Five Stars.

Salt Opens nationwide on Friday July 23rd