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Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt

Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt
Photo By Gail

This fun T-Shirt depicting the late Bob Marley as a Cthulhu was photographed on a very nice and accommodating gentleman I encountered at Meet On Chrystie when I was there for an event.




Must See Art: Sas & Colin Christian at The Opera Gallery

Artist Sas Christian in Front of NYC’s Opera Gallery   

A very wet and stormy night in NYC was transformed into a completely sublime evening by the gala opening of new works by husband and wife artist team Sas and Colin Christian, which is currently on display at the Opera Gallery in Soho. Sas and Colin – who are both painters and sculptors – find inspiration in old sci-fi movies, pinup girl/ supermodels, anime, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft.

(All Photos By Geoffrey Dicker, Except Where Noted)

Their strikingly beautiful, future-modern  works come alive in enormous, wall-mounted fiberglass sculptures of female faces and free standing Egyptian-Meets-Space Alien style busts. This is a must-see exhibit showing for just a couple of weeks in March, so make point to see it while you can!

Orbit Chair Sculpture

I think Damien Hirst Would Like This One! 



The Opera Gallery is located at 115 Spring Street in New York.