Eye On Design: The Lamp Art Series at Meet on Chrystie

Meet Interior Shot with Lamps
All Photos By Gail

If you’ve visited the MEET Corporate Meeting Space’s Chrystie Street location, you’ve probably noticed their Favorite Things Lamps, designed by Chen Karlsson. These clear glass pendant lamps showcase MEET’s eclectic treasured objects and provide fun, surprising branding opportunities their clients. Over this past summer, Art Toy vendors My Plastic Heart curated the lamps’ featured contents, enlisting toy designers Kano, Brent Nolasco and Justin Alan Volpe to each fill a selection of the lamps with one of their signature creations.

Three Lamps
Left to Right: Toys by Justin Alan Volpe, Kano and Brent Nolasco

Art Lamp Event Signage

In July, I attend a party and Q&A at MEET, where Brent Nolasco and Justin Alan Volpe  were present to discuss their art, and I was able to take these photos in this post. Enjoy!

justin Alan Volpe

Justin Alan Volpe creates one-of-a-kind, handmade felt toys like the one he is holding here. They did not photograph so well, unfortunately, but this will give you a good idea of what he does.

Brent Nolasco

This is Brent Nolasco. Below are some of the lamps featuring his fun monster toys!

Toy By Brent Nolasco

Toy By Brent Nolasco

Toy By Brent Nolasco

Toy By Brent Nolasco

Toy By Kano

Toys by Kano feature a Robot figure emblazoned with one of his design on the front of its body. I love this little Smiling Shark!

Toy By Kano

Toy By Kano

MEET on Chrystie is located at 195 1/2 Chrystie Street, Suite #200, in Manhattan.


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