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Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt

Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt
Photo By Gail

This fun T-Shirt depicting the late Bob Marley as a Cthulhu was photographed on a very nice and accommodating gentleman I encountered at Meet On Chrystie when I was there for an event.




The Bob Marley Shot

Bob Marley Shot
Make it! (Image Source)


  • First, fill your shot glass 1/3 with strawberry syrup.
  • Next, carefully add another 1/3 of creme-de-banana.
  • For the top layer, mix some white overproof Jamaican rum with green creme-de-mint and fill the glass the rest of the way.

The secret to the layers is simple: progressively lighter fluids poured slowly will float nicely on top of each other. Mixing the overproof white rum with the creme-de-mint makes the green top layer the lightest and strongest part of the shot.

Enjoy, and keep Jamaica in your prayers.

A Printer Named Bob Marley

Image Source

“This Printer is Now Named Bob Marley, Because It Is Always ‘Jamming’.”

Remembering Bob Marley

On This Day, May 11th in 1981: Bob Marley died of lung cancer and a brain tumor at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami. He was only 36 years old – way too young to go. According to his entry in the Wikipedia, Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited for helping spread Jamaican music to a worldwide audience. Favorite Bob Marley song: “No Woman, No Cry.”