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Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt

Bob Marley / Cthulhu Mash Up T-Shirt
Photo By Gail

This fun T-Shirt depicting the late Bob Marley as a Cthulhu was photographed on a very nice and accommodatng gentleman I encountered at Meet on Chrystie when I was there for an event.




The Bob Marley Shot

Bob Marley Shot
Make it! (Image Source)


  • First, fill your shot glass 1/3 with strawberry syrup.
  • Next, carefully add another 1/3 of creme-de-banana.
  • For the top layer, mix some white overproof Jamaican rum with green creme-de-mint and fill the glass the rest of the way.

The secret to the layers is simple: progressively lighter fluids poured slowly will float nicely on top of each other. Mixing the overproof white rum with the creme-de-mint makes the green top layer the lightest and strongest part of the shot.

Enjoy, and keep Jamaica in your prayers.

A Printer Named Bob Marley

Image Source

“This Printer is Now Named Bob Marley, Because It Is Always ‘Jamming’.”