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Gail in Print: Modern Drummer July 2008

July 2008

Jazz drummer Brian Blade is on the cover of the July issue of Modern Drummer Magazine, featuring my update on Mary J. Blige’s drummer, Rexsell Hardy, Jr. On Newsstands next week!

Top Ten Things I am Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl


I know there are many others out there besides me for whom the Super Bowl holds no interest whatsoever. What teams are even playing this year? Who gives a shit? Here’s what I’m doing today!

1. Making a huge vat of my delicious home made chili

2. Cleaning the Chick Tank

3. Vacuuming

4. Editing Interview with Drummer Gene Hoglan

5. Transcribing Interview with Mary J Blige’s drummer, ‘Lil Rex

6. Reading an awesome book, “Love Is a Mix Tape” by Rob Sheffield

7. Napping

8. Watching “Rock of Love” on VH1

9. Blogging

10. Talking on the phone