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Pink Thing of The Day: Mickey Mouse Gas Mask Sculpture

pink mickey mouse gas mask sculpture photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

This photo was taken way back in September of 2019 at one of several visits I made to the overwhelmingly cool Beyond The Streets exhibit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Somehow, it’s been hiding in my file of Pink Things for over three years and, while its fortunate to have found to, it’s also too bad I did not give some it coverage three years ago when the exhibit was still in progress, but I was able to find out the that artist is Bill Barminski!

Gas Mask Bong

Photo By Gail

I’ve seen some sick bongs before, but this Gas Mask-inspired design is a first! For when only a Heavy Hitter will do! Photographed on Broadway, somewhere in Soho, NYC!

Gas Mask Showerhead

Gas Mask Shower Head

Holy Mother of God, that’s one scary showerhead, isn’t it? Sort of Giger-esque if you ask me, but nevertheless clever and extremely functional. I guess one of the scariest things would be having to rip out the shower wall to install it. Originally exhibited at the Art Directors Club’s 2002 art exhibit, Bed, Bath and Bomb Shelter, which featured gas mask-themed utilitarian product designs, the showerhead was designed by Chris Dimino.

Thanks to Modern Urban Living for The Tip!