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Bat Cake!

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This awesome-looking Bat cake was made by an obviously talented baker/cake decorator in Italy, but I couldn’t find the recipe or decorating instructions anywhere on the interwebs. So if you are feeling ambitious and want to make this cake for Halloween, you will have to “wing’’ it.

NYC’s Best Hard Rock Band, Z02, Scores Its Own IFC Comedy Series!

Attention hard rock fans: a hilarious new show called Z-Rock debuted last night on IFC.com and I already know I’m going to be watching it for the next ten weeks! Z-Rock stars the amazing Brooklyn based hard rock trio, Z02, who I’ve been fortunate to see live a couple times. Considering the fact that I hate almost everything, I must tell you this show is just as awesome and entertaining as the band is ass-kicking. The basic premise of Z-Rock tells a “real life” story of a rock band that has to play kids’ birthday parties during the day to make a living.

Last night’s episode featured an appearance by ‘80s Hair Metal casualty, Sebastian Bach, playing himself as a dad who’d brought his kids to a party that Z02 were booked to play. Hilarity ensues, of course, but man, I gotta ask, have Bach’s former pretty boy looks taken the Bullet train to Hell or what? The guy looks like he barely survived a co-starring role in Fight Club. Ow! Previews of upcoming episodes indicate they’ve got all sorts of other special guests lined up for future adventures in rock and, oh yeah, besides Z02’s great fun music there’s lots of nudity and swearing and stuff, so you’ve got many reasons to tune in to IFC on Sunday’s at 11:30 PM for the next few months!




Top Ten Things I am Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl


I know there are many others out there besides me for whom the Super Bowl holds no interest whatsoever. What teams are even playing this year? Who gives a shit? Here’s what I’m doing today!

1. Making a huge vat of my delicious home made chili

2. Cleaning the Chick Tank

3. Vacuuming

4. Editing Interview with Drummer Gene Hoglan

5. Transcribing Interview with Mary J Blige’s drummer, ‘Lil Rex

6. Reading an awesome book, “Love Is a Mix Tape” by Rob Sheffield

7. Napping

8. Watching “Rock of Love” on VH1

9. Blogging

10. Talking on the phone

Happy Birthday, Ian Koss!

Ian and Gail Dancing
Gail and Ian Dancing at the Wedding of David Lee Beowulf, April 2002

Ian’s Dream, as Told to Gail

We had rented some hotel room in Melbourne as a party pad. I was
there with a bunch of friends, we were smoking something special in a
weird way — putting it on the stem of these miniature palm fronds.
This guy kept leaving the door open for some reason.

We’d closed the door when there’s a knock on it. We open it and it’s
the hotel manager, with a large group of expectant/confused kids
behind him. Like a hundred kids. We’re a bit freaked out, what with
the funny smell and everything, but the manager starts going on and
on, talking about how glad he is to have us here, how we’re
beautiful, and that it’s a real honor for us to stay in his hotel and
visit the town of Melbourne. What the fuck? Eventually we figure out
that he thinks we’re a band from Chicago named ‘Beautiful’ (do they
exist? It’s not a very Google-friendly name), hence the look on the
kids’ faces.

After a while, the band shows up, and we have a good laugh over the
whole thing. I give them my phone number so they can call me next
time they’re in town, writing it on a slip of paper. The singer looks
at it and goes ‘Koss… that’s what’s written on the headphone amp
that we have in the studio.’

The end.

Columbia Records Hosts Party With Very Tasty Food

Train the Band
The Band Train Performed Some Songs While We Ate Tasty Snacks

Back in the day, major labels used to host big deal press parties all the time, where hacks like me could get completely sloshed on free booze and engorge ourselves on sumptuous snacks. Good times. Those days are generally considered to be gone with the dot com boon, but last night Columbia Records hosted a party for the band Train at an art gallery located in a westside neighborhood formerly known for its population of transvestite hookers. I think most people came to hear Train perform songs from its new CD For Me, It’s You, but what everybody in the loft was really buzzing about was how awesome the food was.


The first edible delight I was offered after checking my coat was a BLT sandwich on a tiny roll that was so delicious, you could just die. It didn’t really look like this picture so you will just have to use your imagination.

Here are a few other visual approximations of foods served at the Train party, some of which I ate and some of which I did not eat.

Miniature Corn Dog on a Stick

Lobster Roll

Triple Decker Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

Giant CC Cookie
Giant Cookies

Anyway, it was a really fun party and if you like bands that sound like Paul McCartney check out Train’s new CD. One of the songs even has an accordion on it!