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Peter Anton Presents Sugatarium at Unix Gallery

Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake
Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake By Peter Anton (All Photos By Gail)

Sculptor Peter Anton, the king of monumental-sized Hyper Realist Food Sculptures, returns to the Unix Gallery for another of his immersive, slightly dark,  food-themed exhibits with Sugatarium, which opened on Thursday, April 27th with a reception at the gallery.

Sugatarium Installation View
Sugatarium Installation View from the Opening Reception

As an exhibit of Anton’s wildly impressive artworks, Sugatarium is staged like a secret sanitarium for those driven to the brink of madness by a craving for sugar; and as such, the gallery installation includes a number of institutional beds — some complete with leather restraints — which, for the opening party, were occupied by actors playing the parts of “patients.” One pajama-clad lady, seen in the foreground in the above photo, cradled and spoke in hushed, comforting tones to a stuffed doll.

Sugatarium Installation View

Another ‘patient ‘aligned and stacked bars of Rice Cripsy Treats with mind-numbing repetition. Gallery attendants, and Anton himself, could be identified by their white lab coats as they  mingled with fans. The Carpenters‘ super saccharin 1973 hit “Top of The World” played on an endless loop over a PA system throughout the evening, which added to the surreal gestalt.

Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae
Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae

The featured artworks consist of various sugary-sweet treats which have been smashed against canvases and mounted on the walls. Anton uses a variety of materials, including resin, plaster, wood, clay, aluminum, and acrylic and oil paints, to make his creations look good enough to eat. They really are remarkable!

Sugar Madness Chocolate Bunny
Sugar Madness Chocolate Bunny

Can’t you almost taste this Chocolate Bunny with your eyes?

Sugar Madness Cherry Pie
Sugar Madness Cherry Pie

No one makes Art that looks like Food quite like Peter Anton!

Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae

While this exhibit is much less ambitious, with only four artworks on display, it is hard not to compare Sugatarium to Anton’s 2015 masterpiece, The Foodhist Temple, which transformed Unix Gallery into a shrine to dietary decadence. Seriously, Foodhist Temple was mind blowing. But if you already love Peter Anton’s art, or have not yet seen it up close and are intrigued, then Sugatarium is a must see. I’m not sure if Unix will continue to stage the gallery as the scene of a sparsely inhabited, derelict asylum in the weeks to come, or if they will remove the beds and add more art, which would be awesome. I might have to pay a future visit to see what’s up.

Peter Anton’s Sugatarium will be on Exhibit Through June 17th, 2017 at Unix Gallery, Located at 532 West 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake

Update May 19th: They Have Added More Art! See Below!


Sugar Madness Macarons

Macarons Detail




Peter Anton’s The Foodhist Temple at Unix Gallery

Foodhist Temple Pizza
All Photos By Gail

Foodie-ism ascends to a higher plane at Peter Anton’s The Foodhist Temple, up now at Unix Gallery. For this sensorally-immersive exhibit, Unix has transformed itself into a red-walled sanctuary displaying objects of adoration in the form of larger-than life sculptures of decadent food items. A Cheeseburger Deluxe Platter, several brimming Boxes of Chocolates and a mammoth Chocolate Layer Cake on a Pedestal are among the righteous treats nestled amid a plush-carpeted shrine, complete with dimmed lighting, New Age mediation music, lit candles and fresh flowers. Visitors are asked to remove their shoes upon entering.

Foodhist Temple Welcome

As an aside, the carpet feels amazing against street-weary stocking feet.

Foodhist Temple Cake
Cake Worshipers at Foodhist Temple Opening Reception

To facilitate a blissful worship experience, pillows and rugs are scattered across the gallery/temple floor, so that devotees can comfortably prostrate themselves before the Food Idol of their choice. At The Foodhist Temple, Believers can relax, reflect, and achieve a heightened awareness of the importance of food and all of its pleasures.

Foodhist Temple Entry Flowers

Foodhist Temple Chocolates
Entire Box of Chocolates About Equal to the Height of a Person

The hyper-realist detail in these monumental sculptures — which Anton crafted using wood, metal, resin, clay, and both acrylic and oil paints — is extraordinary.

Cheeseburger and Fries
Say Cheese-Burger!

Cake Worshippers
Gallery View With The Foodhist Faithful

Fried Egg
Achieve a State of Egg-Stacy!

More Chocolates
More Chocolates!


Visitors will pass by this little shrine on the way to the two smaller, rear galleries. There, you will encounter:

Foodhist Temple Sushi
Sacred Sushi!

Holy Donuts
Hole-y Donuts!

Candy Worshippers
Still More Boxed Chocolates! They Seem to Radiate a State of Enlightened Bliss!

Foodhist Temple Bacon
Benevolent Bacon!

At The Foodhist Temple, all are Welcome.

Peter Anton’s The Foodhist Temple will be on Exhibit Through May 9th, 2015 at Unix Gallery, Located at 532 West 24th, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Foodhist Temple Signage

Foodhist Temple Shoes

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine Message Hearts by Peter Anton. Choose Your Heart!

Top Row: Luv Ya, Angel, Mother Fuckr, Dick Head
2nd Row: Eat Shit, Go 2 Hell, Ass Hole, Cock Suckr
3rd Row: Lets Hug, Bitch, Be Good, Kiss Me
Bottom Row: Be Mine, Fuck You, U Cunt, Drop Dead.