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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Soap That Looks Like Donuts

Pink Donut Soap
Photos By Gail

This tempting platter of mouthwatering Pink-Frosted Donuts is deceiving to the eye, for it is not actually a plate of sweet baked goods but a stack of fragrant soaps are also lovely to look at!

Soap Display
Look at this Spread!

How many times each day do you think that the employees of this store, Sugar Bubbles Bath Bakery in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, have to ask customers to please not lick the merchandise?

Berry Cream Pie

Especially when the soaps smell like delicious Berry Cream Pie!

Mark Mothersbaugh’s Ruby Kustard Sculpture

Mothersbaugh Ruby Kustard
All Photos By Gail

Resembling a soft-serve ice cream swirl, the upper portion of this sculpture consists of the world’s largest crystal ruby, at 30,o9o carats. Mark Mothersbaugh had the gem carved to poke fun at both fine jewelry and fine art. A ludicrous send-up of both disciplines, the sculpture, Ruby Kustard (2009 – 14) evinces Mothersbaugh’s longtime interest in using humor as a means of cultural and institutional critique.

Mothersbaugh Ruby Kustard in Vitrine

Photographed in the Grey Gallery at NYU as Part of the Exhibit, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, Which Runs Through July 15th, 2017.

Peter Anton Presents Sugatarium at Unix Gallery

Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake
Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake By Peter Anton (All Photos By Gail)

Sculptor Peter Anton, the king of monumental-sized Hyper Realist Food Sculptures, returns to the Unix Gallery for another of his immersive, slightly dark,  food-themed exhibits with Sugatarium, which opened on Thursday, April 27th with a reception at the gallery.

Sugatarium Installation View
Sugatarium Installation View from the Opening Reception

As an exhibit of Anton’s wildly impressive artworks, Sugatarium is staged like a secret sanitarium for those driven to the brink of madness by a craving for sugar; and as such, the gallery installation includes a number of institutional beds — some complete with leather restraints — which, for the opening party, were occupied by actors playing the parts of “patients.” One pajama-clad lady, seen in the foreground in the above photo, cradled and spoke in hushed, comforting tones to a stuffed doll.

Sugatarium Installation View

Another ‘patient ‘aligned and stacked bars of Rice Cripsy Treats with mind-numbing repetition. Gallery attendants, and Anton himself, could be identified by their white lab coats as they  mingled with fans. The Carpenters‘ super saccharin 1973 hit “Top of The World” played on an endless loop over a PA system throughout the evening, which added to the surreal gestalt.

Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae
Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae

The featured artworks consist of various sugary-sweet treats which have been smashed against canvases and mounted on the walls. Anton uses a variety of materials, including resin, plaster, wood, clay, aluminum, and acrylic and oil paints, to make his creations look good enough to eat. They really are remarkable!

Sugar Madness Chocolate Bunny
Sugar Madness Chocolate Bunny

Can’t you almost taste this Chocolate Bunny with your eyes?

Sugar Madness Cherry Pie
Sugar Madness Cherry Pie

No one makes Art that looks like Food quite like Peter Anton!

Sugar Madness Strawberry Sundae

While this exhibit is much less ambitious, with only four artworks on display, it is hard not to compare Sugatarium to Anton’s 2015 masterpiece, The Foodhist Temple, which transformed Unix Gallery into a shrine to dietary decadence. Seriously, Foodhist Temple was mind blowing. But if you already love Peter Anton’s art, or have not yet seen it up close and are intrigued, then Sugatarium is a must see. I’m not sure if Unix will continue to stage the gallery as the scene of a sparsely inhabited, derelict asylum in the weeks to come, or if they will remove the beds and add more art, which would be awesome. I might have to pay a future visit to see what’s up.

Peter Anton’s Sugatarium will be on Exhibit Through June 17th, 2017 at Unix Gallery, Located at 532 West 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Sugar Madness Pink Confetti Cake

Update May 19th: They Have Added More Art! See Below!


Sugar Madness Macarons

Macarons Detail




Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon and Egg Breakfast from Magazine Ads

Bacon and Eggs
Photo By Gail

Photographer Yimei Wang (School of Visual Arts) won a 2017 PDN Student Photo Contest for Restructured Fast Food, a study on fast foods reconstructed with newspaper’s and magazines, which comments on both consuming behavior, and today’s direct access to information, using collage montage.

Photographed at 2016’s Photo Plus Expo.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Claes Oldenburg, Pastry Case I

Pastry Case
All Photos by Gail

“I work with very simple things that I come across walking to work,” Claes Oldenburg explained in 1964, “such as a certain kind of pastry. . . or certain kinds of displays or presentations and advertisements that I naturally come across as part of the urban landscape.”  Pastry Case, I replicates just this sort of everyday sighting. The desserts are presented for the viewers enjoyment on real dishes, heightening the tension between attempting evocation of edible goods and their obvious artifice. Oldenburg later described this tension as a way of “frustrating expectations: the food, of course, can’t really be eaten, so that it’s an imaginary activity which emphasizes the fact that it is, after all, not real – that it’s art, whatever that strange thing is of doing something only for itself rather than for function.”

Pastry Case Detail
Photographed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Everything Bagel Sculpture By Hanna Liden

Everything Bagel
All Photos By Gail

Public Art, it is so awesome! This over-sized sculpture of a tower of giant Bagels, entitled Everything, was spotted by me in a unique location: on a tiny traffic island near the cross streets of Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Avenue, Christopher Street and something called Ruth E Wittenberg Triangle in Greenwich Village proper.

Ruth E. Wittenberg Triangle: It is a Thing

Created by artist Hanna Liden, Everything (according to a small, informative sign secured to a pole near the sculpture) “features the bagel, a much beloved New York City staple, at the monumental scale. Stacked to form a makeshift vase, their circular form evokes the eternal cycle of city life.” Because, of course it does. Everything is presented by Art Production Fund in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program and the Village Alliance, along with generous support from Kiehl’s Since 1851, which is a small chain of stores here in Manhattan that sells very nice, quality beauty and skin care products.

Everything Bagel 2

Here’s another photo of the sculpture, looking east toward Sixth Avenue. You can see there are a couple of little tables and chairs strewn about, if you should feel like sitting on a traffic island to read or have a coffee.

Find The Bagels

Play a fun game of “Find the Everything Bagel Sculptures” by visiting these other locations, where apparently there are other statues of bagels, which are indicated on this helpful map!

Modern Art Monday Presents: Claes Oldenburg, Giant BLT

Claes Oldenburg BLT
Photos By Gail

The triangular mass of Claes Oldenburg’s Giant BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich”) 1963, is actually constructed from many smaller sculptural components including wood slabs, stuffed cushions and fabric pieces, which must be restacked each time the work is shown, allowing ample room for creative variation.

In the above video, the Whitney Museum’s curator supervises and discusses the installation of Giant BLT, and how Oldenburg’s work invites the viewer to look at the world with “fresh eyes.”

Claes Oldenburg BLT
Photographed in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Former Home in the Breuer Building on Madison Avenue

claes oldenburg giant blt photo by gail worley

New Photo Added 9/7/2020 (Taken at the Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street, NYC)