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Eye On Design: Coco Rose Lounge Chair By Blumarine for Calligaris

Blumarine Coco Chair for Caligaris
This Image. All Others Photos By Gail

With the cancellation of all of this year’s many annual art and design shows, it’s been challenging to continually source beautiful things to feature in this weekly column. Fortunately, the design stores appear to have reopened, as I discovered quite by accident when I walked past Caligaris and was sucked in off the street after catching a glimpse of this beauty in the window.

caligaris rose coco chair photo by gail

Meet the Coco Lounge Chair, upholstered in a stunning Jubilee Pink velvet rose print; the product of a collaboration between Calligaris and Italian fashion brand Blumarine, by designer Anna Molinari. The Rose is one of Molinari’s most popular motifs. This version of the Coco chair was launched during 2019 Design Week.

coco lounge chair rose fabric detail photo by gail worley

In addition to the red-on-pink, and pink-on-pink rose print, the chair is also available upholstered with black roses on a grey background, with the tubular frame available in a variety of metallic finishes, to suit your taste and decor. This chair has a retail price point of $1,563. You can see more photos of all textile designs and finishes Here.

Calligaris is Located at 220 East 57th Street in New York City.

caligaris rose coco chair photo by gail worley

Eye On Design: YOMI Inflatable Chair By Mojow

YOMI Chair
All Photos By Gail

Don’t think that I didn’t struggle with the decision of whether or not I should make the awesome YOMI chair a Pink Thing of The Day, because I did. But, ultimately, the design aspect won out. Because who doesn’t want to sit on an Inflatable Pink Chair? Plus it comes in other colors. Continue reading Eye On Design: YOMI Inflatable Chair By Mojow

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Horn Chair Painting By Mara Minuzzo

Pink Horn Chair
Photo By Gail

Canadian designer and visual artist Mara Minuzzo painted this solitary Pink Horn Chair as part of a marvelous series of Midcentury Chairs, which were on exhibit, along with a selection of her more abstract paintings, in the Lustre Contemporary booth at the recent Affordable Art Fair NYC, Spring Edition. You can see the full series of chairs, and lots more fantastic contemporary Pop art, by clicking on that link!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Herter Brothers Armchair

Velvet Armchair
Photo By Gail

Each time Geoffrey and I visit The Met, we end up in a section of the Museum that we’ve not only never seen before, but often have no idea that it even existed. On our last exhibit, we randomly wandered into the Art Furniture Galleries (or whatever they’re called), and that was fairly mind blowing. Check out this very ornate, and still quite comfy-looking, pink velvet armchair, which was once owned by William H. Vanderbilt, where it was part of a lavish drawing room. Designed and manufactured by Herter Brothers circa 1881-82, the chair features gilded wood, with beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay details (clearly visible in the photo above), still has its original patterned, pink velvet upholstery, and is simply stunning.

Photographed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Pink Thing of The Day: A Rad Modern Chair

So Casual

Presented for all the ladies in the house: The Living Chair!   Clearly inspired by the human form of a female and holding itself with only three skinny yet sexy legs, it’s surprisingly sturdy and functional. Even more than that, it’s a sleek and glamorous piece of art just by sitting there. Yes, the Chair is literally sitting there! Design by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko.