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Pink Thing Of The Day: Mannequin With Pink Wig

Mannequin with Pink Wig
Photo By Gail

Here’s another sweet shot from my trip to Palm Springs last Christmas. There’s a Saks Fifth Avenue at a swanky outdoor mall located in the adjacent town of Palm Desert, and I snagged a serious cache of blog fodder from their many eye catching in-store displays. This very fetching pink-haired mannequin is pimping “Little Somethings for the Ladies”. . . whatever they may be.


Pink Thing of The Day: Me as a Barbie

Gail Pink Barbie 1
All Photos By Michael Fabrizio

I woke up Sunday morning to find a FaceBook message from my friend Michael containing an image in which he had Photoshopped my face onto the head of Barbie with flowing Pink Hair. As you can see, it is pretty sweet. I immediately posted it on Instagram (@gailpink61), where it has currently accrued more Likes than any other image I’ve yet posted.

Pink Barbie Original

Here is the original image. The resemblance is, of course, uncanny. Especially the slender, giraffe-like neck!

Gail Pink Barbie 2

He also made one where he gave me awesome bangs.

Gail Featured in Beauty News NYC Dot Com!

Beauty News NYC Logo

The lovely Candice Sabatini of Beauty News NYC Dot Com has included me and my signature Pink Tips in a fun article about bloggers with trending hair styles! Please check it out at This Link.

Pink Thing of The Day: Nicki Minaj' Pink Friday Cover Art

Nicki Minaj is a “rapper” whom I have never heard of before in my life until this morning, when Geoffrey emailed me a photo he took of the cover art for her upcoming album, Pink Friday (drops 11/23/10), which he saw plastered on a random, graffiti-covered wall somewhere downtown. Apparently Ms. Minaj is the single most popular female rapper in the Universe. How did I miss that? I don’t doubt that her “music” would not be my thing, but I’m sure we can agree that this is a nice photo of a lady wearing a hot pink wig and impressive platform shoes, and a lovely sentiment, as well. Pink Friday!

Strawberry Shortcake Character Reimagined for 2008 as Me at Age Five


Bestweekever.tv recently posted this updated version of the 1980’s cartoon/mass merchandising character Strawberry Shortcake, and all I could think of was that it reminded me of me at age five, if I’d had pink hair at the time and had dressed this dorky (actually I probably dressed much worse).

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