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Modern Art Monday Presents: Albert Gleizes, Tableau

albert gleizes tableau photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

The abstract paintings of artist Albert Gleizes (18811953) often keep strong links with subject matter that inspired them. In Tableau  (1921) the image may be based on a female head, possibly that of his wife. Gleizes was a pacifist, but was conscripted into the French army in the First World War. Deeply affected by this experience, he became gravely concerned with the future of society. He thought that artists could help create a better world, not just by making beautiful things, but by offering new ways of seeing.

Photographed in the Tape Modern Museum in London.

Magnan Metz Gallery Presents Amelia Biewald’s Big Brass / Light Opera

Cold Night
Mirror: All of This and Nothing IV, Bonfire: Cold Night (All Photos By Gail. Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

In the Chelsea Gallery District, there is a huge advantage to having a street level, store front space, in that it attracts a lot of passers-by for whom the featured exhibit may not necessarily be on their radar. This past Saturday was not the first time that we have been drawn into the Magnan Metz Gallery based on a casual glance into the window. The tableau pictured above is what we saw as we walked west on 26th Street, the pull of which could not be resisted. Because, Bonfire in the Gallery.
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