Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Lazy Throne Sculpture

pink lazy throne photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

We honestly felt like we had stumbled upon a real life version Pee-Wee’s Playhouse when we entered design store / art gallery Leroy’s Place, and immediately encountered this monumentally enchanting (and Pink) Lazy Throne by artist Jacques Duffourc. A New Orleans native whose specialties include set design and puppeteering,  Duffourc works primarily in recycled and found materials, and has a signature skill of transforming everyday materials into extraordinary works of art.

pink lazy throne finish detail photo by gail worley
Finish Detail

The chair has a wood structure, and is then sculpted using a unique method of building with contact cement and cardboard.

pink lazy throne photo by gail worley

The throne has a lever on the side (visible above as what looks like a striped tube sock) that operates a novelty foot rest  — very indicative of the cheeky humor that they strive for at Leroy’s Place! This particular piece is part of the permanent installations of the Gallery, so it is not currently for sale, but contacts at the store informed me that a similar one could be commissioned for $3000.

pink lazy throne photo by gail worley

Leroy’s Place is Located at 353 7th Ave (One Block from the  7th Ave Stop on the F/G Train) Between 10th and 11th Streets,  in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.


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