Eye On Design: Finding Inspiration at NY Now, Summer 2023

ny now signage photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

I was barely home from London for twelve hours before I had to make a mad dash to Javits Center for the final day of NY Now! Jet lag be damned, there was too much cool design inspiration waiting at the summer edition of our favorite biannual gift show. From unique home goods to fabulous fashion accessories, hilarious greeting cards and adorable soft toys that will make you squee, there’s truly something for everyone at NY Now. Let’s get right to my fantastic photo recap with a few favorite home décor designs to let your individuality shine!

charcuterie board by buffalovely photo by gail worley

Do you like snark? I sure do, so I was delighted to make the acquaintance of the folks at Buffalovely, who design modern housewares, gifts and décor with a side of sarcasm. Yes! These charcuterie boards and knives should be in your kitchen and on all of your holiday shopping lists!

housewares by buffalovely photo by gail worley

Oh, that Butter Dish speaks to me (and maybe to you, also)! Follow Buffalovely on Instagram here.

hangzhou shouyi neon light mirror photo by gail worley

If you’re looking for a way to combine mirrors and neon lighting in your home, Hangzhou Shouyi has a solution to fit any room.

hangzhou shouyi neon light mirror photo by gail worley

Their designs are unique and gorgeous, but also highly functional. Love!

mod lounge paper company photo by gail worley

Mod Lounge Paper Company understands that there is no such thing as too much Midcentury Design influence, especially when it comes to party planning. From invitations and stylish napkins to swizzle sticks and scented candles that set the right mod mood, Mod Lounge has it all.

mod lounge paper company 2 photo by gail worley

These fabulously Mad Men-esque tea towel designs will remind you that it’s always Cocktail Time somewhere. Cheers!

fuck you candle from gift republic photo by gail worley

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many candles. This “statement candle,” if you will,  reveals a secret message as it burns (check out the image on the box). You can always expect the gift of humor from our friends at Gift Republic.

deluxe homeart candles display photo by gail worley

Deluxe Homeart is a Danish company specializing in LED candles that emulate the look of real wax-based candles. Please enjoy my photo of their beautiful booth display!

cb soap and candle co display photo by gail worleyworley

CB Soap & Candle Co. is a NJ-based, woman-owned and operated boutique business, born from a love of good-smells, handcrafting, and an appreciation for natural ingredients. Owner Christine (who gave me the best hand massage of my life) will help you create an authentic spa experience in your own home with her luxurious scented candles (in gift-able, reusable containers), soaps, body scrubs, lotions, and  more. I hope to feature more of CB Soap & Candle Co. products on this site in the future, but in the meantime you can visit them online here.

party balloon garland photo by gail worley

As I stood across the aisle from the very festive booth for Hootyballoo, purveyors of party decorations and supplies, I wondered to myself why a company would make a balloon garland with the word “Panty” on it. And then, my brains made a comeback.

undersea party theme photo by gail worley

Does your child love cheerful ocean creatures? Hootyballoo makes these adorable smiling jellyfish to hang up for a Birthday party and then maybe keep up all year. Why not?  Hootyballoo has the absolute cutest, cleverest party decorations to celebrate kids of all ages.

old balloon garland photo by gail worley

And if your one of ‘The Olds,’ they’ve got you covered as well.

ahdorned colorful bags photo by gail worley

Hey, do you remember the ’80s, when clothing and accessories in bright, neon colors were all the rage? Honey, I lived it!  Ahdorned, makers of fine handbags, straps and accessories offers this blindingly-colorful collection that says the ’80s never ended. Want!

july september jewelry photo by gail worley

While we’re talking about colorful collections, fashionable acrylic earrings in bold colors and fun shapes are on-trend big time. The display above is from the boutique brand July September owned and operated by a lady named August (see what she did there). August makes all of her ‘Childhood Dream Jewelry’ by hand with a sharp eye for nostalgia-inducing designs.

peach beast earrings photo by gail worley

Elly from Peach Beast is responsible for another fantastic line of iconic pop culture-influenced jewelry that anyone who’s hip would be excited to dangle from their earlobes. Elly calls her collection “Wearable Weirdness.” I’m in! The Peach Beast Instagram account features lots of fun video’s of  Elly making her earrings. Give her a follow so you don’t miss anything.

electric cat earrings display photo by gail worley

But wait, there’s more. Electric Cats Shop is also in the game with their conversation-starting,  statement jewelry designs.

electric cat earrings display photo by gail worley

You could probably snag those little mirrored coffins in time to wear them for Halloween! See more of their designs on Instagram.

electric cat mirrored lip earrings photo by gail worley

marlow from cake purse photo by gail wotley

No outfit is complete without a really cool purse, and we saw a few at NY Now that you might like. You may recognize this lovely lady –wearing an insane hot pink metallic motorcycle jacket (jelly) — as Marlo Gorelick, aka YouTube / TikTok sensation Ms. Candy Blog. Marlo is posing with a Strawberry Cake Slice purse, one of her original Cake Purse designs! These gorgeous bespoke handbags — each one resembling a generous slice of scrumptious cake — feature hand-beading and finely crafted details that will have you doing a double-take. Mmm, delicious!

mary frances ice cream sundae beaded bag photo by gail worley

And what is cake without ice cream? There is little doubt that Mary Frances Accessories sets the bar for luxury beaded and embellished handbags in simply exquisite designs. Take a look at the meticulous hand-beadwork on this Ice Cream Soda? Talk about a showstopper.

mary francis beaded bags photo by gail worley

Surely, no well-accessorized woman can settle for just one of these bags.

democrat card photo by gail worley
Now, More Than Ever

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep a stash of fun greeting cards for all occasions on-hand in case of a card-giving emergency — which happens more that you would expect. The above awesome card — which really speaks to these times — comes from Brittany Paige Designs. Props!

lets bone by kushcards photo by gail worley

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner. What better way to show your host or significant other how you really feel as you carve the turkey than with this festive card from KushKards? It’s simple, but it says it.

admit youre wrong card photo by gail worley

With greeting cards from Huckleberry Letterpress Co., you can get very specific with your message of truth and barely lift a pen!

naughty santa card photo by gail worley

If you have a bit of a naughty streak, you may think that no greeting cards exists that can express your inner horniness, but you would be incorrect. Kaart Blanche is a Belgium-based design team (and very hot couple, Lars and Tim) who make fun, pop-culture-referencing cards that express every filthy thought you’re too shy to say out loud.

paws of pride plush cat photo by gail worley

We promised you cuteness, and cuteness you shall have! Paws of Pride sells clothing and gifts designed a group of designer/creators from the LGBTQ community. Seen above is a plush version of Sproot, the brand’s inclusive cat mascot — so cute!

paws of pride cat bluetooth speaker photo by gail worley

Sproot can also be purchased in his Bluetooth Speaker form! See all of the cool clothing and great gifts from Paws of Pride online at This Link.

cats around a campfire photo by gail worley

I’m guessing that kids would be the target audience for this group of tiny cat figurines gathered around a campfire. But maybe not. From Banzaila, who have no Instagram, and whose website is password- protected due to being wholesale only! Fail!

statue liberty animals soft toys photo by gail worley

Imagine if the Statue of Liberty was a small stuffed Pig (or cat, or chicken). It isn’t hard to do. These little cuties are from Miniso, who have a corner on the market of cuteness, if you ask me.

itotal soft toys booth photo by gail worley

Hey dude! You had better look away from your phone, because one of them is getting away!

scatterbrain toys pineapple octopus photo by gail worley

Meet Mini Maui, one of the Octopals from Scatterbrain Handmade Toys. How cute is he? So cute. He also has the best backstory.

scatterbrain toys catalog photo by gail worley

Scatterbrain founder Lisa Marie started to sew these little plush octopus toys out of the repurposed fabric while undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Soon, she had sewn enough  toys to join a craft fair, and see if anyone would be interested in her toys. Fast forward a couple of years and Lisa Marie is now cancer-free, living a healthy lifestyle, and loving her second chance at life to spread happiness with these toys to children and adults around the world. And what cute toys she makes! All the best to you, Lisa Marie.

jack rabbit creations halloween decor photo by gail worley

Well, that’s a wrap for this edition of NY Now. Before we leave you though, check out the Halloween stuff over at Jack Rabbit Creations because it’s pretty cool!

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