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Elton John’s Captain Fantastic Album Goes Platinum!

Elton John Captain Fantastic Cover

On This Date, May 17th in 1975: Elton John was awarded a Platinum Record for sales of One Million copies of his Ninth studio album, Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy. Captain Fantastic was the first album ever to be certified Platinum on the day of its release.

Happy Birthday, Damon Albarn!

Damon Albarn of Blur
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Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz was born on this day, March 23rd, in 1968. Favorite Blur Album: Park Life. Happy Birthday, Damon!

Happy 70th Birthday, Lou Reed!

lou reed by chuck close photo by gail worley
Lou Reed by Chuck Close (Photo By Gail)

Lou Reed, whom I think we can all agree is a Rock Legend, was born on this day, March 2nd in 1942. I can wish Lou a Happy Birthday for giving us great songs like “Perfect Day” and “Satellite of Love,” but I can’t seem to get past that mortifying horrorshow of an album, Lulu, that he made with Metallica last year.

Led Zeppelin IV Turns Forty!

On This Date, November 8th in 1971: Led Zeppelin released their fourth album, Led Zeppelin IV which contained the massive hit, “Stairway to Heaven.”  The album would reach number two on the Billboard 200 album chart and sell 23 million copies in the U.S. alone, making it the third biggest selling album in U.S. history.

The Beatles’ Let It Be is Released on This Day in 1970

On This Day, May 8th in 1970: The Beatles’ final album of original studio material, Let It Be was released. The Wikipedia has a decent historical overview on the album at this link, although it does not go into heavy enough detail about how Yoko Ono broke up the band.