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Mural at Dirty Franks Bar, Philadelphia

Frank Burns FLW Pope Francis
Frank Burns, Frank Lloyd Wright, and  Pope Francis Are Just a Few of the Franks You’ll See Outside Dirty Franks Bar! (All Photos By Gail)

Dirty Franks a local dive bar in Philadelphia that dates back to prohibition. Geoffrey and I countered it as a stop on our hours-long walk of the city’s Mural Mile tour, which takes you through many different neighborhoods in search of unique street art, public artworks and memorable landmarks. Dirty Franks stands out for the murals painted on its multiple façades, which depict the likenesses of famous Franks. The mural was designed by David McShane, painted originally in 2001, and restored with additions in 2015.

Sinatra St Francis Morgan
Frank Sinatra, St Francis and Actor Frank Morgan from The Wizard Of Oz

Most of the Franks are quite iconic, so they are easy to identify, but some (such as the Philadelphia Phillies player seen in the top photo) I did not know.

Frank in a Bun and Aretha
Frank in a Bun and Aretha Franklin (RIP)

Aretha Franklin had recently passed when we visited Philly so it was nice to see her represented. RIP, First Lady of Soul!

Franklin and Avalon
Ben Franklin and Frankie Avalon

Perdue and Oz
French Franc Coin, Frank Oz, Frank Perdue and an Unidentified Frank

You could make it into a fun game: Spot The Frank!

The Mural at Dirty Franks is Sponsored by the City of Philadelphia, Mural Arts Program. Dirty Frank’s is Located at 347 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Frankenstein Roosevelt Zappa
Frankenstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frank Zappa

Lisa Alonzo, Cash is King at Claire Oliver

Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper
Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper (All Photos By Gail)

Well, the summer is over and the Chelsea Galleries are back in full swing with lots of exciting art to see. One of our long-time favorites, the Claire Oliver Gallery, has a new show up that is not only beautiful to look at but which also deals with a subject that is very topical.

In Cash is King, artist Lisa Alonzo revitalizes a long standing tradition of depicting currency and its role in our visual culture. Alonzo uses her signature satirical voice to pose questions on our current economic climate in a postmodern context.

Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper Detail
Detail from Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper

To create these works, Lisa Alonzo uses a pastry bag filled with acrylic paint with which she lays down a series of dots and dashes, fine crosshatched lines and scrollwork, mimicking the look of an engraver’s printing plate.

Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper Detail
Detail from Gold Nuggets and Toilet Paper

Intermingled with the political figure’s portraits are bits of now-worthless banknotes, such as this 25 Billion Dollar note from Zimbabwe.

Cutpaper 2
Cutpaper 2

In the above piece, the notes are cut and arranged into colorful diamond shaped designs: monopoly money laced with devalued currencies from around the world are reduced to decoration. Get more Best details about the bad credit direct payday loans and some info on how to apply for a short term loans. Click for more info.

Cutpaper 2 Detail
Cutpaper 2, Detail

Alonzo’s fascination with America’s commodity culture and the significance of the contradictions of our chosen leaders is recontextualized in the current climate.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the show:

Cut Paper Study 2
Cut Paper Study 2

Black Friday
Black Friday (Ulysses Grant, Fifty Dollar Bill)

Very Popular with Himself
Very Popular with Himself (Mao Zedong, Chinese Yuan)

Money Jenga
Jenga Game with Currency-Wrapped Pieces

Gold Bills
Gold Plated Currency

Gold 5 Dollar Bill
Gold 5 Dollar Bill (Detail from Above Set)

Cash is King, Lisa Alonzo’s second solo exhibition with Claire Oliver, is a very fun show and if gallery owners Claire and Ian are in the gallery when you vist, they are vey friendly and always happy to tell you more about the art.

Lisa Alonzo: Cash is King will be on Exhibit Through October 17th, 2015 at Claire Oliver Gallery, Located at 513 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Not Popular with the Locals
Not Popular with the Locals

3D Print Mosaic Bust of Benjamin Franklin

3D Printed Bust of Ben Franklin By Gail Wortley
Photo By Gail

I think this is my favorite photo I took at the 3D Print Show: a fantastically detailed bust of Ben Franklin. Look at the startling realism around his eyes — amazing! I also love how this was done with a variety of different colored filaments to create a mosaic cubist motif that’s just mind-blowing.