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Modern Art Monday Presents: Roulette: Number Five By Mokuma Kikuhata

roulette number five by mokuma kikuhata photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Roulette: Number Five (1964), an assemblage work, is one in a series titled Roulette by Japanese artist Mokuma Kikuhata (19352020). The title refers to a game of chance where players guess where a ball will land within a spinning numbered wheel.  To make this artwork, Kikuhata combined and arranged what he called “everyday objects—used and unwanted,” including a metal pail, a baseball, and a can.

Photographed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


Erwin Wurm’s Synthesa at Lehmann Maupin

Erwin Wurm Gallery View
Synthesa Gallery View, All Photos By Gail

Mere seconds after entering Lehmann Maupin gallery for Erwin Wurm’s latest sculpture exhibit, Synthesa, we were already smiling from ear to ear. We first became acquainted with Wurm’s delightful sense of humor when his sculpture Big Kastenmann had its residency at the Standard Hotel in October of 2012, so it was lots of fun to experience an entire gallery full of works that express the Austrian artist’s unique world view.

Erwin Wurm Synthesa Sculpture
White Bucket (Synthesa), 2013

Synthesa is comprised of three new sculptural bodies of work. Those within the title series of the exhibition, Synthesa, continue Wurm’s investigations of volume and abstraction of the human form. For these works, the artist works with the classical figure in the manner of a traditional sculptor yet drastically deconstructs and contorts each shape, inserting unexpected ready-made objects to further the abstraction.
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