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Yes, it Exists: the GG Allin Bobblehead

gg allin throbblehead
Feces Not Included

I found this image at the pop culture website Millionaire Playboy after being tipped off by a Facebook friend. Yes, that is in fact a GG Allin Bobblehead. This uncanny likeness of the late punk/shock rocker (if he could be called a rocker) is made by Aggronautix, stands 7 inches high and is limited to 2000 pieces. For more info go to GG Allin Dot Com, if you dare!

Thanks to Phil Bailey for the tip!

Metal Cheshire Cat

Metal Cheshire Cat

Online novelty shop Span of Sunset Inc. collaborates with Disney for the release of their newest collectible vinyl figure, the Metal Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat vinyl figure is based upon Lewis Carroll’s character from Alice in Wonderland, but draws inspiration from heavy metal music, representing in black, red and silver: accenting the Cheshire Cat’s trademark smirk and silver metal tail. Produced in a highly limited quantity, the Metal Cheshire Cat Measures 8″ with GID (glow in the dark) eyes and mouth and comes with a storage box modeled after the classic “roadie” case. Retail price: $60.00. Have a very Metal Day!

Thanks to Plastic and Plush Dot Com for the tip!  


Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Hot Cha Cha Cha

Not a Vibrator

While passing time over at Plastic and Plush, I came across this delightful pink vinyl toy called Hot Cha Cha Cha, by artist Gary Baseman. This special Pink edition figure is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide and comes in an individually-numbered package that’s a work of art in itself. Retails for $99.95. Sounds a bit pricey to me. Your mileage may vary.

Lemmy Lives Forever As New Action Figure!

Lemmy Lives!
The Only Card He Needs is the Ace Of Spades

Now, this is exciting news. Locoape (a trademarked brand of Toynk Toys LLC) have created this very attractive “Icon figure” of Motorhead Bassist/Vocalist Lemmy, which I think you will agree is a “must have” for all fans of Motorhead and heavy metal fans in general, not to mention (but you can see I am about to) all collectors of Action Figures of famous rock musicians. Well, all right. Ordering information for Lemmy-in-a-box is available at LemmyFigure.Com .

OMG Lemmy!
Life-like Carbuncles Included!

Lemmy In A Box!
“For Ages 3 and Up!”