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The Endless T Shirt

the endless name list on t shirt

How much did you love the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman?  Seriously, it was just insane. I can only pray that a season two and more are in the works! While we’re waiting for that,  why not wear the names of The Endless on your rockin’ body? This design by Krobilad is available on a variety of shirt styles and other swag at This Link!

the endless name list on t shirt

Smash It Up

Shattered Glass
Ask Me What Happened to that 11 x1 4 Framed Halftone of Green Gartside

So, I’m fast asleep in my bed when I am awakened by a loud crash/bang/boom which I immediately identify with some kind of commotion (i.e. loud, drunken assholes who have no sense of consideration for sleeping people) going on between the front door of the building and the stairs…because that’s the wall my bed is up against. Continue reading Smash It Up