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Pink Thing of The Day: Barbie’s Dream Car In Harrod’s

barbies dream car photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

This summer’s pervasive Barbie craze may be on the wane, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be posting assorted Pink Barbie Things that I saw while on my vacation in London. Because I am.
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The Endless T Shirt

the endless name list on t shirt

How much did you love the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman?  Seriously, it was just insane. I can only pray that a season two and more are in the works! While we’re waiting for that,  why not wear the names of The Endless on your rockin’ body? This design by Krobilad is available on a variety of shirt styles and other swag at This Link!

the endless name list on t shirt

A Random Thought on Mothers Day

RIP, Mom

My own mother has been dead for nearly thirty-five years, and in all of that time I’ve only dreamed of her twice. I wonder why that is, because it seems very odd.

Geoffrey’s Dream


“So, I had this strange dream that we were at some art installation and they were showing a Louise Bourgeois piece and then they brought her out in a wheel chair.

After the thing, you disappeared and I was looking for you because you had my camera and I wanted a photo op with Louise. She had on these pink clogs that were like elevator shoes… somehow, I put them on and then I saw you in the distance in a parking lot. I said to Louise that I’d be right back. I was calling your name but you didn’t hear me, and I was running through the parking lot screaming your name. Louise was then chasing after me in her wheel chair trying to get her shoes back, I really wish there were services from the Lifestyle Home Lift every where she goes, that way she wouldn’t struggle that much.

And then I woke up.”