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Everything Bagel Sculpture By Hanna Liden

Everything Bagel
All Photos By Gail

Public Art, it is so awesome! This over-sized sculpture of a tower of giant Bagels, entitled Everything, was spotted by me in a unique location: on a tiny traffic island near the cross streets of Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Avenue, Christopher Street and something called Ruth E Wittenberg Triangle in Greenwich Village proper.

Ruth E. Wittenberg Triangle: It is a Thing

Created by artist Hanna Liden, Everything (according to a small, informative sign secured to a pole near the sculpture) “features the bagel, a much beloved New York City staple, at the monumental scale. Stacked to form a makeshift vase, their circular form evokes the eternal cycle of city life.” Because, of course it does. Everything is presented by Art Production Fund in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program and the Village Alliance, along with generous support from Kiehl’s Since 1851, which is a small chain of stores here in Manhattan that sells very nice, quality beauty and skin care products.

Everything Bagel 2

Here’s another photo of the sculpture, looking east toward Sixth Avenue. You can see there are a couple of little tables and chairs strewn about, if you should feel like sitting on a traffic island to read or have a coffee.

Find The Bagels

Play a fun game of “Find the Everything Bagel Sculptures” by visiting these other locations, where apparently there are other statues of bagels, which are indicated on this helpful map!