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Modern Art Monday Presents: Dmitri Dergatchev, The New Icon

new icon putin photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

I happened upon Dmitri Deragtchev’s The New Icon (2022) while vacationing in Vancouver BC.  As you can see, the piece is quite visually striking and has a lot to unpack. I  felt it would be an appropriate feature choice for this column given the current political world climate, and it being Halloween and all. The artist’s statement follows:

For me, all of the evil of the world is now personified in the image of Vladimir Putin.  In my work, I want to show people the true image of the “New Icon” created by inhuman propaganda and expose the substitution of familiar iconic images and symbols. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Dmitri Dergatchev, The New Icon

Ten Random Complaints That I Have Right Now


1.      Daylight Saving Time is Evil.


2.      Coach on Survivor is a complete Tool and needs to be killed by a rare tropical disease.


3.      Day job is trying to keep me from using the coffee milk for my morning cereal.


4.      It takes me one bus and three trains to get to work now (but I just pretend to hate it).


5.      People let their dogs pee and poop too close to my front door.


6.      Upstairs neighbors make too much noise.


7.      My elbow hurts.


8.      Too many changes to the internal phone list.


9.      No McDonalds or Taco Bell near the new office.


10.   Not enough time to write clever blog posts.

Another Cautionary Tale About John McCain

I received this essay by email last night and, being the responsible blogger that I am, did a little Googling on its likely veracity before posting. While here is no way to really know if this is true or not, it fits a familiar pattern we’ve been hearing about for some time about John McCain’s temper and his attitude towards women. This was originally written by Ana Dubey and later made public by Mary-Kay Gamel, who is often erroneously identified as the author.

My Holiday With John McCain


It was just before John McCain’s last run at the presidential nomination in 2000 that my husband and I vacationed in Turtle Island in Fiji with John McCain, Cindy, and their children, including Bridget (their adopted Bangladeshi child).  It was not our intention, but it was our misfortune, to be in close quarters with John McCain for almost a week, since Turtle Island has a small number of bungalows and their focus on communal meals force all vacationers who are there at the same time to get to know each other intimately.

Continue reading Another Cautionary Tale About John McCain