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Modern Art Monday Presents: Dmitri Dergatchev, The New Icon

new icon putin photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

I happened upon Dmitri Deragtchev’s The New Icon (2022) while vacationing in Vancouver BC.  As you can see, the piece is quite visually striking and has a lot to unpack. I  felt it would be an appropriate feature choice for this column given the current political world climate, and it being Halloween and all. The artist’s statement follows:

For me, all of the evil of the world is now personified in the image of Vladimir Putin.  In my work, I want to show people the true image of the “New Icon” created by inhuman propaganda and expose the substitution of familiar iconic images and symbols. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Dmitri Dergatchev, The New Icon

Pink Thing of The Day: Bag of Crab Flavored Lays Potato Chips

Crab Chips
Photo By Gail

Spotted in a souvenir shop in St. Petersburg, Russia!


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Recycling Religion Group Show at WhiteBox

Lenin Mickey Jesus
Vladimir Lenin, Mickey Mouse and Jesus Walk Hand-in-Hand in this Sculpture from Recycling Religion (All Photos By Gail)

Popular artists like Banksy, Ron English and Damien Hirst have all blended Religious iconography with commercial images in the creation of artworks that take the piss out of Things That People Worship, but that’s not to say they’ve made the definitive statements when it come to mockery of organized religion and scathing criticism of “The Church” in general. Because that domain is pretty much open to everyone with a thought and a way to express it.

Continue reading Recycling Religion Group Show at WhiteBox

Ten Surprising Facts About Sochi And Winter Olympics Past

2014 Winter Olympics: Olympic Torch Goes To Space and 10 Other Sochi Facts

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Church

Pink Church
(Image Source)

This exquisite building is Chesme Church, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. I kind of worship it.