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Video: David Shrigley’s Fluff War!

Fluff War Installation View
Video and All Photos By Gail

I admit that I had not visited the current, midtown location of Anton Kern Gallery since they moved from West 20th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District, which was a few years ago at this point. Because Midtown. But then I heard that one of my very favorite living artists, David Shrigley, had an upcoming exhibit at gallery, so I had to attend. Because David Shrigley is The Shit. Continue reading Video: David Shrigley’s Fluff War!

Yes, It Exists: Imitation Nutella & Fluff Spread

Faux Nutella & Fluff Spread

Is this knock-off Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread swirled together with Marshmallow Fluff the grossest food product in the world, or a tasty treat? I can’t decide. Photographed by me in Price Chopper, Lenox, Massachusetts.