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Cake Sofa with Slice Ottoman

Cake Sofa and Slice Ottoman
Image Courtesy of According 2 G

Ah, the extreme aesthetic joy of furniture that looks like food. I’m not sure how comfortable this sofa is, but it looks amazing!

Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

You’ll find all kinds of whimsical, fun furniture over at design website Jellio Dot Com, like this really cool Ice Cream Sandwich Bench that would look super cute in a kid’s room, or even make a statement among more traditional contemporary furniture in an adult bedroom or den. Constructed of solid foam throughout, the chocolate wafer cushions are covered in dark brown canvas, while the vanilla ice cream center is covered in cream-colored vinyl, with wooden legs. Dimensions: 20″W x 48″L x 18″H. Sells for just $1500 plus shipping. See the link above for purchasing details. Sweet!

Hamburger Bed

For a delicious nights sleep, check out this Hamburger Bed. The meaty mattress includes a slice of “Cheese” at no extra charge, and the bed comes complete with oversized bun duvet and tomato and pickle slice pillows. Zzzzzz.

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!