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Video Clip of The Week: Moby Rich, “Yoko Ono”

I feel no shame in confessing that the highlight of my day — and I do mean every single day — is the moment I slip into my bed after being swept away by too much TV and snuggle in the darkness with my pillows and comforter until I achieve full comfort, and drift off into a marvelously dream-filled sleep. Because sleeping is my jam. I once had a dream where my bed became a car, and I took to the streets for the day’s adventures with no one seeming to even notice that my vehicle was, in fact, a bed. Unlike those stress-dreams where you are either naked or sitting on a toilet in public, it was awesome.

It is surely no surprise then that the video for “Yoko Ono,” from a brand new LA-based musical duo called Moby Rich (because those are their names) sold me at around the 50 second mark, as Moby (and) Rich take the John-and-Yoko-Bed-In theme to a delightful extreme. I predict you will also sit totally rapt as the duo – still clad in color-coordinating blue pajamas — cruise in their tiwn beds out onto the streets of downtown LA while singing about their dream of finding an ideal other — a “Yoko Ono Muse” if you will — who completes them. Can you even imagine how much fucking fun this video was to film? I can’t even.

Aurally, “Yoko Ono” is a stone groove: a wistful love song floating in on a trip-hop beat that’s just the perfect mix of electronica and blue-eyed soul that would turn Daryl Hall green with envy. I fucking love it, and I think you will as well. “Yoko Ono” the single is out now on TaP Records, and it will eventual show up on the duo’s forthcoming debut EP. Enjoy!

Moby Rich Duo

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Shell Bed

Pink Mermaid Bed
Image Source

Sleep with the fishes in this awesome Shell Bed, which I’ve also seen referred to as a “Mermaid Bed.” Very Pink. Very Cool.

Cheeseburger Duvet Cover with Bun Pillow Shams

Cheeseburger Duvet and Pillows

Mmm…cheeseburger. This gorgeous Cheeseburger motif duvet cover comes complete with a set of Sesame Seed Bun pillow shams for a guarantee of delicious dreams ahead.

Available from Davidelfin in Madrid, Spain, get more information by visiting This Link!

September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day!

National Cheeseburger Day

It’s National Cheeseburger Day today, which mean you can perhaps find discount deals on Cheeseburgers in your area, if you are willing to do a little Googling.

Scary Thing of the Day: Spider Behind the Bed!

Spider Behind The Bed Revenge

So scary.

Moat Bed: A Cool Thing to Sleep On

Image Source

This is probably one of the coolest and most impressive bedroom designs ever! I’m not nuts about the orange paint job in this room (because you know pink is my color) — and the ‘fondant-like’ drape of the colorless linens is a huge turn-off — but I sure do love the idea of sleeping on a bed that’s suspended over a small body of water. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I am sure that being cradled in such a nocturnal environment as this would inspire me to have very comforting dreams.  Water beds have never really been my thing, but this I like!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Vintage Car Bed

pink car bed with model
Girl Not Included (Image Source)

The design for this gorgeous and super cool pink bed is inspired by the body of a 1960 Chevy Impala, and I just love it. The bed has storage space in engine compartment when you open the hood and it even has working headlights. Manufactured by Jake’s Custom Car Furniture, it looks pretty awesome, but the price is a little expensive at $4,000.

More photos and info on this bed, plus even more unique furniture made from car parts, can be seen at This Link.

pink car bed with model

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Roller Coaster Bed

Image Source

La Montaña Rusa, 2008
Mixed media
98 x 315 x 170 inches (248.9 x 800.1 x 431.8 cm)
By Cuban art group Los Carpinteros.

Hamburger Bed

For a delicious nights sleep, check out the zenhaven reviews and the Hamburger Bed. The meaty mattress includes a slice of “Cheese” at no extra charge, and the bed comes complete with oversized bun duvet and tomato and pickle slice pillows. Zzzzzz. Having great design in your home is absolutely crucial, it pretty much impresses all of your visitors. Sleeping is great and you can basically do it anywhere, but if you are having trouble sleeping on this hamburger or even in your own regular bed, learn more about room design sleeping tips where you can add more items to your doom decoration and it will eventually help you sleep better at night. Don´t be afraid to redecorate your room just so you can sleep, it will make you feel way better at night and you can finally get enough sleep when you really need it.

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!