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Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag with Veggie Pillows

Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag
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Eating and sleeping are right up there at the top of my list of Gail’s All Time Favorite Things To Do. So, if I can catch 40 winks in a bed-thing that looks like a piece of food, win-win! Sadly, one must be child sized to fit into this awesome sleeping bag shaped like a slice of pizza. The vegetable pillows are detachable, so you can cuddle with a broccoli floweret or a slice of rip olive, if that suits you. Designed, hand made and sold by B Fiber and Craft Emporium. Check out their other food-themed relaxation accessory items at This Link!

Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag with Child

Uglypillows: Buy Them

The Cuteness

I love me some Uglydolls and I also love to nap. If I needed a pillow on which to rest my head, a pillow that looked like an Uglydoll would surely comfort me in my sleep. Uglydoll manufacturer, Pretty Ugly has just announced four new Uglypillow designs modeled after Uglydoll characters Nandy Bear, Pointy Max, Uglydog and Uppy. Each 14″ x 14″ Uglypillow will retail for $25.00 with Free Shipping for US orders. Yay! To purchase/pre-order visit This Link. Pillows will ship after May 9, 2011.

Come to a Pillow Fight

Pillow War!!
Looks like a bit of a “Pillow War” to Me

Is it just me, or does this Saturday’s Pillow Fight NYC to be held in Union Square look like a hundred potential personal injury lawsuits just waiting to happen?