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Video Clip of The Week: Baby Guru, “Especially When”

There is so much to love about the video for “Especially When” from retro-rock trio Baby Guru, who come to us from Athens, Greece. If you’re all about a cohesive storyline, I’m not sure what images of a fast girl driving a fast car, a wall of flame and troops in gas masks — interspersed with performance shots of individual band members filtered through 80’s-era kaleidoscope special effects — is supposed to say. But the song is a stone groove of surf rock with discernible time changes and a prog rock keyboard solo that just doesn’t quit. Win Win!

Baby Guru’s third album, Marginalia will be out on Inner Ear Records by the time you read this. Visit their website at This Link for more information on the band! Enjoy!

Baby Guru Marginalia CD Cover

Video Clip of The Week: The Noise Figures, “Out of Your Mind”

Proving once again that you can make a big sound with just drums and guitar, The Noise Figures, a power duo from Athens, Greece, bring a sweet rockin’ groove to today’s Video Clip of The Week. I hear a Sixties-era, San Francisco/ Garage Rock vibe in this tune about losing one’s mind, and the band’s label, Inner ear Records, seems to concur. Continue reading Video Clip of The Week: The Noise Figures, “Out of Your Mind”

RIP Coffee Cup Designer Leslie Buck

Leslie Buck in 1991

Leslie Buck, the man who invented the iconic “We Are Happy To Serve You” coffee cup, also known as the Anthora, has passed away at the age of 87. There is a nice little story about Buck and his life in the NY Times at this link. RIP Iconic Coffee Cup Man!