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Modern Art Monday Presents: Paul Klee, Mask of Fear

Mask of Fear
Photo By Gail

This curious personage, with four small spindly legs supporting a visage of stunned eyes and a quizzical smirk, or handlebar moustache, offers a satiric take on the work’s grim title. Inspired by a Zuni war god sculpture that Klee saw at an ethnological museum, Mask of Fear (1932) was painted on the eve of Hitler’s assumption of power in Germany.

Mask of Fear

The two sets of legs suggest that two figures might be supporting, and concealed by, this monumental carnival-style mask, an arrangement that might understood in light of Klee’s assertion that “the mask represents art, and behind it hides man.”

Photographed in Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

McDictator: Ronald McDonald Hitler Street Art Mash Up

McDictator By WhIsBe
Art by WhIsBe, Photo By Gail

Read more about this provocative piece of street art at This Link.

Hitler Reacts to Kraftwerk MoMa Ticket Limit

All humor aside (and the video above is a scream!) Hitler isn’t the only one who’s upset. I don’t know anyone who was successful in purchasing tickets to any of Kraftwerk’s upcoming career retrospective series of shows at NYC’s Museum Of Modern Art. At least three other friends besides me (that I’m aware of) were all stuck loitering in a “virtual queue” for 90 minutes until our computers eventually all timed out. What a huge drag.

Hitler Reacts to News of Oasis Break Up

You think you’re upset about the Gallagher Brothers feud and the break up of Oasis? Just look at how Hitler is taking the news. The visual for this clever parody is taken from the film, Downfall, which I actually just saw a couple of weeks ago on DVD. Excellent job, whoever did this!

Thanks to Brian Levy for the Tip!

Retard of the Year: Ann Coulter!

ann coulter is a nazi
Yeah, That About Says It

I try to avoid getting political on this blog, because I am all about The Rock, but Ann Coulter really makes me wish that I had an iron fist so I could smash her stupid face in. The only thing scarier and more vile than this conservative nutjob freakshow are the idiots and morons who think this woman even has the ability to talk sense.

I just read this blurb on Salon.com, which came as no surprise to me, and I thought I’d share:
Advertisers bolt from Coulter: After Ann Coulter’s speech last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, in which she called presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot,” a number of advertisers have pulled their ads from the pundit’s Web site, according to CNN (watch Coulter’s speech here). Verizon, Sallie Mae and NetBank all removed their advertising from AnnCoulter.com Monday, saying they weren’t aware their ads were even showing up there until they began receiving complaints from customers, many of them spurred by blogs like DailyKos.com, which posted the contact information for a number of advertisers who appear on Coulter’s site. (CNN)