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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Flamingo LED Phone Charger Cable

Flamingo Phone Charger
All Photos By Gail

I am such a sucker for anything that lights up, but when it is also a Pink Flamingo, that is an easy sell. This adorable and practical Pink Flamingo LED charging cable is sure be conversation starter wherever its used! It can also be used as a night light!

Flamingo Phone Charger

Manufactured by DCI, the 46” USB cable is punctuated by 8 LED Pink Flamingo lights and is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus and 8. The cable retails for about $18.99. Google it to find your best price.

Photographed at the New York Now Gift Show at Javits Center.

Flamingo Phone Cable Lit Up

Fun Game App: Monsterpark Zoo!

Monsterpark Zoo Promo 2
All Images Courtesy of Roo Roo Games

Do you like Monsters? I sure do. If you have young kids who enjoy using your Apple devices and are looking for a fun iPad or iPhone App that you can download for your little ones to keep themselves amused (and maybe have fun playing it yourself) I recommend Monsterpark Zoo, a new children’s game, just released on October 15th.

Monsterpark Zoo was created by Brooklyn-based husband and wife team Eric and Shannon Althin, who are also fine artists and gallerists (being owners of the late great Bold Hype Gallery, which we miss very much). Eric and Shannon’s company, Roo Roo Games, previously released the popular title, Stumpy’s Alphabet Dinner. We expect that Monsterpark Zoo may become even pore popular!

Monsterpark Zoo promo screenshot 1

Eric Althin offers that the couple’s 3 year old daughter was the inspiration behind Monsterpark Zoo. “She loves monsters and animals,” he explains, “and if she sees that someone is sad, she always wants to know how to make them happy again. During a trip to the Brooklyn Zoo it all fell into place and we knew we had our next game concept: Monster zoo animals that need help to make them happy!”

Monsterpark Zoo takes place in a friendly monster world, featuring 10 unique zoo monsters with different troubles. Some need food, some require a bath, while others need their enclosures cleaned. It is up to the player — who assumes the role of the Zoo Keeper — to figure it all out through fun, intuitive, and stress free game play!

Monsterpark Zoo promo screenshot 3
This Monster Needs a Bath!

Monsterpark Zoo is designed to encourage problem solving, emotional development, coordination, and laughter! It is aimed at ages 2-6 but is sure to delight kids of all ages. “I’ve been drawing monsters since I was old enough to hold a crayon,” Althin continues, “so designing all the different monster animals for Monsterpark Zoo was a super fun and creatively rewarding process.

Our ambition is to keep updating the game with new monsters in the future (with no additional cost for the parents) to keep things fresh and fun.” We already have some awesome new characters in mind!

Download Monsterpark Zoo for just $1.99 from the iTunes Store at This Link!

Monsterpark Zoo promo screenshot 2
Feed The Monster!

Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Tic Tacs

Bacon Tic Tac

Not to be confused with the iPhone app Tic Tac Bacon, the Bacon Tic Tac candy, at present, seems to be in existence only in the realm of Photoshop. Sigh.

Skull & Crossbones iPhone 4 Case Set

Graveyard iPhone 4 Case Set
Graveyard iPhone 4 Case Set

Protect the your iPhone 4 in spooky style with the Graveyard phone case. This space-age polycarbonate hard shell and soft silicone inner shell combo sports a stylish Skull and Crossbones design! Perfect for goths on the go!

3-Piece Case Set for Your iPhone 4 and 4S Includes:

  • 2 inner wraps and 1 outer shell
  • Clear access to all ports, buttons, and functions
    Superior impact protection
  • Easy care: simply wash all pieces with soap and water
  • Use just the inner shell for a soft case, or mix and match with the outer shell for extra protection

Available for just $29.95 by clicking through to This Link.

Graveyard iPhone 4 Case Set 3

Read more details about this product after the Jump!

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Get and Share Some Laughs on Buzzlol.com!

iPhone Autocorrect Text Fail

Fans of this Blog know that I search tirelessly for the funniest, most visually absurd photos and jokes on the web, so that I can share them with you. Because that is how I roll. I just stumbled across a funny website that collects Photoshop Fails and assorted hilarious photos on every subject you can imagine – perfect for posting on your FaceBook page – called Buzz LOL, and you should check it out.

The first section I found was the page of hilarious Autocorrect mistakes from iPhone texts (see photo above) that I think many people with iPhones can relate to. The horror, the horror. I never get tired of reading these things!

Photoshop Giant Check Fail
Check the Shadows

Another section that’s completely ridiculous is their page of photos and ads that have been so heinously Photoshopped, you have to wonder at the lack of basic computer skills and limited mental capacity of the person who let that photo hit print. Unbelievable, but you’ve just gotta share!

And you know it’s going to be embarrassing for anyone who recognizes herself as one of the unsuspecting “models” who show up on a page called “Duckface Pictures” – which is just what it sounds like: people making that pouty, puckered “duck face” with their lips when they pose for any picture. That page also reminded me of This Meme that made the rounds few years ago. Mean spirited? Yes! Funny? You Bet!

Buzz LOL, has lots of other funny stuff for hours of time wasting fun. Cruise on over there and download a few fresh photos to post in your FaceBook Newsfeed. I’ll be watching!

Spitball App For The iPhone and Facebook: Let the Spitting Begin!

I don’t own a “Smart Phone” (yet) because I don’t actually have any desire to be connected to the Internet every waking second of my life, but I do enjoy using the occasional Facebook App and the Movie Box App, just so I can appear to be somewhat “in the know” and hip (key word: appear). Here’s an app I heard about recently, for both the iPhone and Facebook, that seems kind of hilarious: it is called Spitball.

The Spitball application recalls fond memories from high school when a “classy” way to get someone’s attention during class was to launch a spit-moistened, crumbled wad of paper in their direction. Good times. So, here’s an idea: instead of sending a “gift” or “poking” a friend on Facebook (because poking is retarded), why not be a little more creative and quickly deliver a personalized digital spitball – publicly on their Facebook wall – instead? Send a spitball to your friends, or enemies, to let them know how you really feel about them. Support your team or talk smack about someone else’s with customizable team colors, messages and more! Spitball is not just another iPhone app – it’s an attitude. Because everyone loves to spit! Spitball!

You can “Like” Spitball on Facebook at This Link or purchase the Spitball for iPhone app now for just 99 Cents at This iTunes Link. Download it now to start spitting!

How Addicted to Apple Products Are You?

54%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

Actually, I am 100% addicted, because Macs rule and PCs suck ass, but this quiz gives kind of skewed results if you don’t own an iPhone and don’t plan on buying one in the immediate future.