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Urban Light By Chris Burden at LACMA

Chris Burden Urban Light By Gail Worley
Urban Light, 2008, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Photos By Gail)

This forest of city street lights, called Urban Light, was created by artist Chris Burden. Despite initial appearances, the arrangement is not a perfect grid. Depending on where the viewer stands, the lamps arrange themselves in different angles and arrays.

Chris Burden Urban Light By Gail Worley

These 202 cast iron lamps once lit the streets of Los Angeles. Burden bought one at the Rose Bowl flea market, and soon collecting and restoring street lights became an obsession. He painted them all the same neutral gray, in order to draw the eye to all the different varieties of cast iron decoration.

Burden says that street lamps like these were symbols of a civilized and sophisticated city; safe after dark and beautiful to behold. The lights all still work, and they are now powered by solar energy. They are switched on every night from dusk until dawn. At night, Burden says his sculpture becomes transformed into “a building with a roof of light.”

Chris Burden Urban Light By Gail Worley

Penetrable By Jesus Rafael Soto at LACMA

Penetrable by Jesus Rafael Soto at LACMA
All Photos By Gail

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) currently has on site this 1990 sculpture entitled Penetrable, by the late Venezuelan artist, Jesús Rafael Soto. On loan from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros collection, Penetrable consists of innumerable suspended plastic hoses (which look like long, yellow noodles) that visitors can walk through and interact with.  Kids I saw at the museum on the day of my visit really seemed to be into it, but it’s a lot of fun for adults as well! Continue reading Penetrable By Jesus Rafael Soto at LACMA