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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon and Egg Breakfast from Magazine Ads

Bacon and Eggs
Photo By Gail

Photographer Yimei Wang (School of Visual Arts) won a 2017 PDN Student Photo Contest for Restructured Fast Food, a study on fast foods reconstructed with newspaper’s and magazines, which comments on both consuming behavior, and today’s direct access to information, using collage montage.

Photographed at 2016’s Photo Plus Expo.

Modern Art Monday Presents: James Rosenquist, Marilyn Monroe, I

James Rosenquist Marilyn Monroe I
Photo By Gail

James Rosenquist (born November 29, 1933) is among my favorite living American artists. Rosenquist’s large-scale paintings reflect the flat, uniform, and graphic style of the commercial billboards he made while working as a sign painter. Later, as a visual artist, Rosenquist drew inspiration from advertising and mass media. Many of his works are based on found images from magazines, collaged together and reproduced at a large scale, powerfully juxtaposing people, objects, visual symbols, visual texture and text to create new and sometimes cryptic meanings.

Rosenquist painted the above work, Marilyn Monroe, I (Oil and Spray Enamel on Canvas) in 1962. Gripped by the suicide of the screen icon and sex symbol, he created a stylized, fragmented, and inverted portrait of Monroe interwoven and superimposed with disjointed parts of Marilyn’s name, image, and the trademark script of the Coca-Cola logo. By fragmenting Monroe’s image and combining her with another popular product, Rosenquist comments on how the late actress’s life and career had been co-opted and consumed by her superstar status (Source).

Marilyn Monroe, I resides in the permanent collection of NYC’s Museum of Modern Art.