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Maya Hayuk, Frontline Flashpoints Facing East, Ukraine

frontline flashpoints facing east ukraine by maya hayuk photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

With a diverse practice as a muralist, painter, photographer, gallery founder, and member of several artist collectives, Maya Hayuk (b. 1969) has worked internationally to bring vibrancy and movement to urban and exhibition spaces. This large-scale work, Frontline Flashpoints Facing East Ukraine (2022) is currently on-view in the Brooklyn Museum.
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Visit the Coney Island Art Walls!!

Lady Pink
Art Wall By Lady Pink (All Photos By Gail)

If you haven’t been to Coney Island at least once this summer, you owe it to yourself to make the trip. Most residents of Manhattan who live, say, from midtown to the east village area,  can make it from the door to the shore in under 90 minutes, depending on how the trains are running. And for half the ride, the trains run above ground, so that makes it a bit more interesting of a ride as well. Even if you are not a “Beach Person” (raises hand), and the rides at Luna Park make you barf (keeps hand raised) there is so much to see and do at Coney Island that all you need to have is an adventurous spirit, and maybe some sunblock. Continue reading Visit the Coney Island Art Walls!!