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Passive Aggressive Note of The Day: Bothered By The Sensitive Car Alarm

Whoever wrote this note is my new hero! It says:

“Thank you for waking me up this morning! 🙂 Perhaps you could park your sensitive car alarm elsewhere? I’m not sure how many time I have to call 311 and give them your plate # before they’ll tow [*your ass away] but I’m gonna find out. xox

P.S. you rock!”

* This is my guess at what the note says in the part that is obscured by the windshield wipers.

Thanks to Greg Solometo for the Image!

Passive Aggressive Note of the Day

What Potluck?

I am not sure why a note about Men using the Women’s Bathroom also includes information about a Potluck event? For some reason I do not feel my appetite piquing at the thought of whatever Potluck meal this note speaks of. I wonder why that is? I also enjoy the note writer’s use of the word “Mens,” to mean more than one man.

Image Courtesy of Passive Aggressive Notes.

Legible copy of note after the jump!

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