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Modern Art Monday Presents: Giorgio de Chirico, Metaphysical Interior in Manhattan

giorgio de chirico metaphysical Interior in manhattan photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail Worley

Giorgio de Chirico’s description of New York as a “feverish and dreamy city” finds form in this painting  from 1972, Metaphysical Interior in Manhattan. Everyday objects pile into a vaguely human shape within a distorted room that opens onto city skies. The artist founded Metaphysical Painting, a movement that trafficked in the unexpected and irrational.

Photographed in the New York Historical Socially in Manhattan.

Eye On Design: Workbox School Desk

Workbox School Desk
All Photos By Gail

A proposed remedy for problems faced by crowded New York City classrooms, the Workbox (2000) is a collapsible elementary school desk featuring a side blackboard for sanctioned graffiti and a private locker to stow clothes, preventing the spread of lice.

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Eye On Design: Tiffany Turtleback Lantern

Tiffany Turtleback Lantern
All Photos By Gail

Tiffany artisans made the irregularly surfaced Turtlebacks, a Tiffany Studio invention, by pressing glass into molds.

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Stewart Studio Graffiti Door

Stewart Studio Graffiti Door
All Photos By Gail

Vision or vandalism? New Yorkers had different reactions to the “tags” scrawled on subway trains in the 1970s. Many saw them as a sign of urban blight. Artist and photographer Jack Stewart saw them as a new American Art Form.

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Eye On Design: Million Dollar Sandals By Stuart Weitzman

Million Dollar Sandals
Photos By Gail

What we now refer to as the Red Carpet debuted at the 1922 premiere of Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks, the “First King of Hollywood.” Today, the pre-show parade of stars outside the Academy Awards is arguably as important to the fashion industry as the ceremony itself is to film. For the 2002 Oscars, actress Laura Elena Harring (Mulholland Drive) wore a pair of Stuart Weitzman stilettos ornamented with 464 Kwiat diamonds.

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