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6 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Church Sound System

kids singing in front of the altar
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Have you noticed a lack of audio fidelity during your church services? Does your worship team struggle to hear one another as they lead the congregation in song? If so, it may be time to upgrade your church’s sound system. With the right solution and equipment, churches can improve their acoustics and create an enhanced experience for members attending every service. To ensure that your current system has reached its full potential, we’ve outlined below six red flags signaling it’s time to invest in an upgrade!
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Fred Tomaselli, Big Stack

Big Stack
Photos By Gail

Fred Tomaselli (born 1956) is known for his unique hybrid paintings and collages, layering cutout elelments with passages of paint. Big Stack (2009 Photo Collage, Acrylic and Resin on Wood Panel)) is one of the tallest works that Tomaselli has created: its peak corresponds to the ceiling height of his former studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Composed of images of speakers and amplifiers, the Stack seems to extend indefinitely into the starry night sky. The work resembles a kind of cosmic radio tower — a source of communication, or perhaps miscommunication — and serves as a contemporary Tower of Babel.

Photographed in the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY.

Big Stack Detail