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Get Your Best Indoor Workout With a Foldable Desk Treadmill

Treadmill Article Photo 1

Are you looking for ways to boost your cardiovascular fitness and metabolism simply by increasing the number of steps you walk in the comfort of your home? It’s no secret that extended periods of sitting are associated with ill health and issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased risk of early mortality. One way to counter that is by adding a foldable, under desk treadmill to your home office, which can transform your daily routine into a workout zone. Continue reading Get Your Best Indoor Workout With a Foldable Desk Treadmill

Awesome CD of the Month: Sugar & Gold’s Crème

Sugar and Gold
Nick, Phil and their Sugar & Gold Cohorts

About three times a year I hear a CD that’s so fucking awesome I simply have to tell the 100 or so people who visit this website on a regular basis all about it. This month, that CD is the debut by the San Francisco-based, ‘70s influenced dance pop band, Sugar & Gold. Together for a couple of years now, Sugar & Gold is the brainchild of Nick Dobbratz (keyboards, vocals) and Phil Minnig (vocals, guitar), both formerly of blues-rock-on-handfuls-of-acid outfit Dura Delinquent. On its astoundingly funky debut, Sugar & Gold dish up the Blue-eyed soul meets modern space age bachelor pad rock like nobody’s business. My favorite songs on Crème are the smoky, seductive romp “Do It Well” and the ecstatic call to party, “Workout.” Ah, such a rush of sweet aural bliss makes me thankful I’m not diabetic. Buy their music at This Link. No parking on the dance floor.