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Eye On Design: Gothic Sofa By Kimbel and Cabus

gothic sofa by kimbel and cabus photo by gail worley
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This visually arresting, deep-teal hued Gothic sofa by Kimbel and Cabus (circa 1875) presents a paradox. The angled arms and legs meet to suggest adjustability or flexibility, but the strong mortise-and-tenon joints that secure the legs and rails render motion impossible.

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Tiger Couch

Tiger Skin Couch with Head

Talk about Fierce! I’ve heard of going on a “Couch Safari” but this Taxidermy-inspired Tiger Skin Sofa is taking it a bit to the extreme! If you’re looking for a conversation-starting centerpiece for your living room perhaps this will work? Animal lovers and conservationists can rest assured that the tiger pelt is an upholstery reproduction and we are guessing that the head is a fabrication as well. Not sure of the price tag but you can find out how to get one of these Rodolfo Rocchetti-designed beauties for your home at Tappezzeria Rocchetti.