Modern Art Monday Presents: Ellsworth Kelly, Spectrum V

Ellsworth Kelly Spectrum V
Photo By Gail

I want you to appreciate that I had to wait patiently for about 15 minutes for a child and her oblivious mom to stop effing around in front of this 13 panel color fied installation that makes up legendary minimalist Ellsworth Kelly’s Spectrum V (1969) before I could get this photo. You’re welcome.

Ellsworth Kelly (born May 31, 1923) is an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker associated with hard-edge painting, Color Field painting and the minimalist school. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing simplicity of form, similar to the work of John McLaughlin and Kenneth Noland. Kelly often employs bright colors. He lives and works in Spencertown, New York.

Spectrum V, a gift of the artist, is part of the permanent collection in the Modern Art wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Video Clip of The Week: Literature, “Kites”

Here at The Gig, we enjoy two things especially: those things being a jangly pop song accompanied by a psychedelic video. So it is that with Philadelphia-based quartet Literature we have a win-win situation!

I hate to say it, but Summer is (kind of) officially over at this point, so a great thing about “Kites” is that it extends the feeling of summer just a little longer with its chime-y guitars and dreamy vocals over engaging visuals of flowers and geometric designs washed together in a kaleidoscopic fashion. Trippy.

Literature – which is at least an original name, if not the most exciting in the world — recently released their sophomore album, Chorus via Slumberland Records available now on iTunes. Based on evidence presented here, I would imagine it is worth checking out. Enjoy!

Literature Band

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Which are The Top 15 IT Certifications Resources?

Books and Mouse
Image Source

As a good teacher creates excellent students, similarly a good technical training institute can create excellent professionals. In order to become an excellent professional, you have to choose such technical training institute or vendor which may guide you in going through your exams for obtaining a certification. As there are large number of vendors currently working to develop courses and trainings for students and professionals, it is very important to choose among these vendors so that you may succeed in your purpose of getting certified in a technical field.

A good vendor must have experience of developing the right exam and training material for your certification. It should also provide some practice material in order to test your skills and knowledge before going for the exam so that you can get an estimate of your exam preparation. It should also make you expert in some specific skills related to the technical certification you are pursuing so that you can get satisfied with the certification. In order to select such vendor, we have listed top rated vendors of market in the following section where you can find all types of vendors related to the current technical fields of information technology and computer science. You find this list very helpful for your vendor selection.
Following list provides top 15 vendors of IT exams and certification in 2014:


Microsoft is an old software providing company famous for its software development tool. You can learn these software development tools using the certification of Microsoft systems. For that purpose you have to prepare for the exam of certification provided by Microsoft.


Cisco is known as standard organization providing certification of network systems and communication. In order to acquire such certifications, you have to pass the relevant exams provided by cisco systems.


VMware is providing virtualization tools and have made virtual networking quite easy for the modern systems from past many years. Virtual machine dealing skills can be obtained using the certification of VMware systems and passing their exams of relevant certification.


Test king provides exam preparation guidance to student and professionals using its series of helping materials in the relevant exams for some specific certifications. You can pass these exams easily using the material of Test king systems.


CompTIA is famous for providing IT industry products and services. You can get the skills of these IT products using the certification systems of CompTIA and can pass the exam using their guidance material.


Oracle provides database storage and cloud computing services to the world and carry large number of customers in IT industry. You can get the skills of data management and big data analytics.


Citrix Systems is providing desktop and server applications in the field of computer science and IT. You can acquire the skills required for desktop applications development using the services and resource of Citrix Systems.


Avaya is proving communication systems world-wide and contain a large number of customers. You can learn the skills of communication systems and networks of Avaya using certifications provided by Avaya systems.


Brain dumps provides you dumps and practice questions and answers in order to complete your preparation for the exams. Using the guidance material of Brain Dumps, you can get good results in the exam of certification. You can get help in the exams like 640-461 or 642-902 with Cisco Dumps in order to pass the relevant certification of these exams.


IBM is an old organization which has greatly contributed in the evolution of computer science and IT industry from the starting years. IBM is providing certification in order to get sufficient skills in IT exams using its wide certification systems.


C++ is known as a basic development language in the computer science is considered as the mother of high level languages. You can acquire sufficient skills in C++ language using the system of C++ institute in order to pass different exams relevant to your interest and desires.


If you want to get successful in an exam required for certification of a field in computer networks and communication, pass4sure is the best system that will suit you in order to make you go through the exam.


SAP is providing software and services solution to the world from past many years. It has also initiated a certification program in order to cope with the needs of students and professionals for the industry of IT software and solutions.


CWNP is a communication system provider giving services for wireless communication systems from many years. In order to get the skills related to computer networks and communication you can get certification of CWNP.


Hewlett Packard is competitor of world’s common computer hardware providers and have renowned services for certification in the field of computer hardware devices.”>

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Bank Cards!

Bacon Visa Card Raw

Did you know that this upcoming Saturday (meaning tomorrow) is Bacon Day? I had no idea, but apparently it is an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the US. Hurray for Bacon!

Bacon Visa Card

Bacon is loved by so many that even a mobile banking solution is offering bacon card art to its customers., a personalized mobile alternative to traditional branch banking, is joining in the fun with its variety of bacon-themed prepaid debit cards For all bacon lovers, offers 3 versions of Bacon Card Art. All are equally beautiful in their representation of delicious bacon!

Bacon Visa Card

“Consumers make purchasing choices every day, from what to buy, to their method of payment, and provides an opportunity to personalize their experience with a wide variety of prepaid card designs,” said CEO and Co-Founder of, Ben Katz. “People are looking for a new way to bank on the go, and our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, affordable banking solution that reflects the individual passions of consumers, and bacon is definitely one of them!” prepaid cards require no credit check and can be used everywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted. Visit This Link to purchase.

Qalandia 2087 by Wafna Hourani at the New Museum

Qalandia 2087
All Photos By Gail

One of my favorite pieces from the Here and Elsewhere, group exhibit currently up at the New Museum of Contemporary Art is a mixed media installation called Qalandia 2087 by Palestinian artist Wafa Hourani.


Qalandia 2087 fills nearly an entire gallery at the museum and is lots of fun to explore while contemplating the political and sociological ramifications of the piece, especially considering what is going on in that part of the world at this very moment in time.

Qalandia 2087

Here is some information I found on the piece at Nadour Dot Org:

Built from cardboard boxes and archive photographs, Qalandia 2087(2009) is the third and last part of a series of installations by Wafa Hourani.


The artist reproduced, as an architectural model, one of main check-points and Palestinian refugee camps. Located in the north of Jerusalem, Qalandia constitutes, since 1949, Ramallah’s entrance and the exit point, dividing the country on its western bank.

Qalandia 2087

Hourani was interested in this particular place in the Palestinian history, because of its proximity with its own airport, transformed into military base during the Israeli occupation. This paradox of a territory, initially connected to the rest of the world and now a place for Palestinian isolation, illustrates the politico-social reality of the country.

Qalanida 2087 Rose Courtyard

Qalanida 2087 Rose Courtyard Detail

In Qalandia 2087, the artist proposes a futuristic vision of this place, a hundred years after the first Intifada. Contrary to the first two pieces in the series, which presented an apocalyptic vision of Qalandia – a hundred years after the exodus Palestinian for Qalandia 2047 (2006) and a hundred years after the six day old war for Qalandia 2067 (2008), the last version evokes the future of Palestine on the basis of political Utopia.

Qalandia 2087 with Fish

Qalandia 2087 with Fish Detail

The question of the occupation of a given territory is no longer relevant, the main concern is now integration. The wall, which originally divided space between the check-point and the refugee camp, has been replaced by a mirror facade.

Qalandia Airport

Qalandia Airport has also retrieved its initial function as a civil airport, while the check-point has become a place reserved for public speech. Life seems to win again.

Qalandia 2087

Racing cars, airline planes, whimsically shaped TV aerials, a coffee terrace and a swimming pool transform the refugee camp into a space where communication and social links become possible again. The new party, “The Mirror,” has just won the elections and is sending each Palestinian back to their history by inviting them to take part in the construction of a better future.

Vérane Pina
Translated by Valérie Vivancos

Here and Elsewhere is on Exhibit Through September 28th, 2014, at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, located at 235 Bowery (at Prince street) in Soho, NYC.

Qalandia 2087 Patio Detail

Qalandia 2087 Patio Detail