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Ron English’s Ronnnie Rabbbit on West 14th Street

Ron English Corner of 14th and 9th
All Photos By Gail

On the north side of  the intersection where 14th Street crosses both 9th Avenue and Hudson Street (just across the street from the Apple Store), there’s a triangle-shaped plaza that currently appears to be under construction. For what, who can say. But the concrete barriers that border the space support a chain-link fence which is wrapped on all sides in vibrant, multi colored images of  Ronnnie Rabbbit;  the three eyed, three-eared mutant rabbit character created by Popaganda artist Ron English.

Ronnie Rabbbit

What is Ronnnie hiding? Please leave your clues in the comments!

Ronnnie Rabbbit Fence



Monkey Balloon

Monkey Balloon
Photo By Gail

I was waiting for the 14D crosstown Bus on 9th Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets and spotted this fun balloon dancing merrily in the wind while tethered to a door of the Community Center of the Housing Project located at that address.