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Eats of The Week: Le Marais Kosher Steakhouse!

Steak On Carving Board Close Up
All Photos By Gail

Do you love Steak? I sure do. Shortly before the Christmas Holidays, I was invited to dine at Le Marais, one of NYC’s most highly-rated steakhouses, which also just happens to be Kosher. While there is certainly no shortage of excellent steakhouses across Manhattan, if you enjoy the old school, dark wood interiors and high quality beef of Peter Luger, but would prefer to avoid the endless waiting for a table, accompanying brusk service, and the trip to Brooklyn, then Le Marais is well worth a visit. This is especially true if you keep Kosher, because finding an excellent steakhouse which adheres to Kosher dietary law is not so easy to do.

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Ron English’s Ronnnie Rabbbit on West 14th Street

Ron English Corner of 14th and 9th
All Photos By Gail

On the north side of  the intersection where 14th Street crosses both 9th Avenue and Hudson Street (just across the street from the Apple Store), there’s a triangle-shaped plaza that currently appears to be under construction. For what, who can say. But the concrete barriers that border the space support a chain-link fence which is wrapped on all sides in vibrant, multi colored images of  Ronnnie Rabbbit;  the three eyed, three-eared mutant rabbit character created by Popaganda artist Ron English.

Ronnie Rabbbit

What is Ronnnie hiding? Please leave your clues in the comments!

Ronnnie Rabbbit Fence


Cherrywood Kitchen, A Neighborhood Gem in Hudson Square

Cherrywood Kitchen Dining Area
All Interior Photos By Gail, All Food Photos By Anne Raso

Hudson Square, a downtown neighborhood distinguished by its proximity to the Holland Tunnel’s entrance, probably isn’t an area that gets a lot of random foot traffic. In fact, if you never heard it referenced in a conversation about the location of a cool new eatery, you would likely be in good company. Things are different now though, thanks to the recently launched Cherrywood Kitchen, a gorgeous new restaurant serving a mix of American Bistro and BBQ fare. If this Soho-adjacent, not-quite-Tribeca address on west Spring Street was ever in need of a destination dining establishment, Cherrywood Kitchen has all the bases covered.

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