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Eye On Design: Dino The Dinosaur Kiddie Ride

dino dinosaur kiddie ride photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Wouldn’t it be fun to be the person who designs the coin-operated Kiddie Rides that you sometimes still see out front of suburban grocery stores and strip malls? They aren’t as easy to find now as they were when I was a kid back in the stone age, but I still enjoy documenting them whenever see one. Because, nostalgia.

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Mix Tape Reaper By Ivan Rodero

Mix Tape ReaperMix Tape Reaper
Image Source

Ivan Rodero is an Argentinean graphic artist whose work is lots of fun and reminds me of other contemporary Comic Artists I like, such as Dean “Dino” Haspiel (who created the Worley Gig Avatar you see on the home page) and Carol Lay of The Story Minute. See more of Ivan’s work at This Link.