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Amber Jesus

Amber Jesus
Photo By Gail

This carving of the face of Jesus was created using Baltic Amber, which is petrified tree sap that hardens over centuries and becomes a coveted gem stone. I saw a ton of amber artworks when I was on a European tour of the Baltic capitals last summer, which is trip I would recommend to anyone with enough to cash to throw down.

Photographed in The Cloisters Museum in Upper Manhattan

Abbey Road Jack O Lantern!

Image Source

A Beatles Jack O Lantern, that is a cool thing! There’s an alternate version of an Abbey Road Pumpkin at This Link! Happy Halloween, Dear Readers!

Elvis Presley Pencil Lead Sculpture

“Thank You. Thank You Very Much”

Artist Dalton Ghetti carved this bust of Elvis from the graphite tip of a single pencil. See more of Dalton’s amazing miniature masterpieces at This Link.


frankenstein banana carving
Image Source

Banana Art is a thing that exists. Someone with too much time on their hands made this cool Frankenstein’s Monster with just a rip Banana and a couple of Push Pins. Clever.

Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

Guilty Bastard

Yes, I realize that OJ is actually holding a carved ham, but it is the spirit of bad taste and political incorrectness I’m trying to capture!