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Pink Thing of The Day: Miniature Pink VW Bus

Pink VW Bus
Photo By Gail

To me, nothing says Southern California Style like a Pink VW Bus. I photographed this very authentic-looking miniature in the store called Simply Fresh, located in San Marino, Calfornia! Sweet Ride!

A Fun Visit to the City Reliquary Museum!

City Reliquary Museum Exterior
All Photos By Gail

Summer is in full swing and everybody is looking for stuff to do with their time off.  Today, I want tell you about a place you can go where you will have so much fun your head will explode. If you get excited by learning about the history of New York City, and love to have fun adventures that don’t cost very much, the City Reliquary Museum is a place you simply must visit! Located just two stops off the L train, and a short walk, into Brooklyn from Manhattan (for easy reference, it’s located directly across the street from the Knitting Factory), a visit to this local gem of sweet nostalgia is one of the best bargains in existence. Naomi and I had the chance to visit last month on a day that was somewhat overcast and drizzly, and we had all kinds of crazy fun.

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Claes Oldenburg: Mouse Museum/Ray Gun Wing at MOMA

Washington DC Souvenir Ashtray
A Souvenir Ash Tray from Washington DC is Part of Claes Oldenburg’s Mouse Museum (All Photos By Gail)

Claes Oldenburg, the legendary pop sculptor, has long been a collector of objects and  images. His studio shelves contain an immense variety of items that, since 1972, he has gathered during his daily travels, alongside experiments and prototypes for his sculptures. Mouse Museum and Ray Gun Wing — currently on exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art — evolved from the artist’s commitment to this practice of collection, storage and display.

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Joshua Liner Gallery Presents Triumph By Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi Surrender of Helios
The Surrender of Helios By Kris Kuksi (Mixed Media Assemblage)

If you enjoy visual works of art that explore rich worlds of myth and fantasy, while offering endless potential for imaginative extrapolation on the part of the viewer, you’ll flip over the work of Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi. Very accurately described as containing a “stunning excess of detail,” Kuksi painstakingly assembles his gothic-renaissance-steam punk-esque sculptures from countless layers of found objects ranging from statues and figurines, skulls, taxidermied animals, altar pieces, dolls, jewelry, miniature army men and even the lower half of a tank – all treated with misted coats of grey/white paint that give each piece the look and feel of an unearthed ancient treasure. In this way, Kris Kuksi creates miniature worlds that you can easily get lost in. Of course, the foundation for each of Kuksi’s works is his vast and wildly engaging imagination. Trust me that the “Oh Wow” factor is off the charts for Triumph, an exhibit comprised of a dozen of Kuksi’s assemblages, one large scale painting and an installation of the artist’s Churchtank sculpture series, which is given the run of the Liner Gallery’s rear room. Triumph is lots of fun and a must-see exhibit. Find out more on the art of Kris Kuksi at his website, Kuksi Dot Com.

Kris Kuksi’s Triumph will be on Exhibit through April 7, 2012 at the Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor, Chelsea.

Elvis Presley Pencil Lead Sculpture

“Thank You. Thank You Very Much”

Artist Dalton Ghetti carved this bust of Elvis from the graphite tip of a single pencil. See more of Dalton’s amazing miniature masterpieces at This Link.