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Mini Cooper Office Desk

Mini Cooper Desk Top of Desk
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Designed by Glynn Jenkins in 2008, the Mini Cooper Mini Desk is a fantastic example of what can be done to repurpose an automobile if you set your mind to it.

Mini Cooper Desk Front

While the desk has no drawers, per se, photos found on another site indicate that storage is available in the trunk and also under the hood. The Mini Desk website is no longer in existence, so I am guessing your chance to own one for these bespoke desks is long gone. Still, it is nice to look at this photos, and to imagine what might have been.

Mini Cooper Desk Behind

Frankenstein Upholstered Chair

Frankenstein Art Chair
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Frankenstein Chair with Art By Paul Karslake, Manufactured by Wish Interiors.

Pantone Armchair

Pantone Armchair
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I guess this chair really would go with any decor.

Paul Kasmin Gallery Presents Mattia Bonetti’s Indoor | Outdoor

Pliniana Armchair
Pliniana Armchair and Bundle of Sticks Table By Mattia Bonetti (All Photos By Gail)

Continuing with it recent series of amazing art exhibits, Paul Kasmin Gallery on Tenth Avenue is currently hosting Indoor | Outdoor, an exhibition of new functional sculptures by Mattia Bonetti, on view through May 4th, 2013. If you love the space where Modern Furniture Design becomes Fine Art, this is a Must See exhibit!

Liquid Gold Cabinet
Liquid Gold Cabinet

The works in this series epitomize Bonetti’s unique vision, including an exciting debut of new outdoor furniture, a career first for the artist. Since the beginning of his pioneering practice in the 1970s, Bonetti, known for his limited edition works and unique commissions, has approached the distinction between art and design not as a barrier, but as a wellspring of creative dialogue.

Archetype Table Lamp
Archetype Table Lamp

Lucky Side Table
Lucky Side Table

Inspired by the dynamic between indoors and out, these works swing both conceptually and formally between the organic and the geometric, playing in the space between the natural and the crafted. Blurring these familiar boundaries, the majority of the works have been designed to thrive both inside and outside.

Necklace Round Side Table
Necklace Round Side Table

Bonetti’s forms also consciously reinvigorate classical and timeless silhouettes, suggesting cultural influences as diverse as Ancient Greece and imperial India. From the patterns of woven reeds translated in bronze, to shaped travertine filled with colored resin, to illuminated Madagascar rock crystal, to cast aluminum that bears the raised grain of hand-milled elm—these works tantalizingly combine and reimagine the world of design into a realm of dueling materials, forms, and evocations.

Travertine Couch and Table
Travertine Couch and Table

Mattia Bonetti’s Indoor | Outdoorwill be on Exhibit Through May 4th, 2013 at Paul Kasmin Gallery, Located at 293 Tenth Avenue (at West 27th Street) New York, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Rocky Side Table with Oval Meander Coffee Table
Rocky Side Table (Rear) with Oval Meander Coffee Table (Foreground)

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Gramophone Lounge Chair

Pink Gramophone Lounge Chair
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This beautiful, modern flower-shaped lounge chair, Gramophone, is designed by Velichko Velikov, a broad and expressive design in subtle pinks and peaches. Understated with its soft colors, yet glamorous in its nature-inspired style.

Whereas most chairs follow the basic rule of three separate components – seat, backrest and armrests, Gramophone is an all in one piece. Connected to a sturdy chrome spiral base, all three interconnect in a circular, flower petal effect, or, as its name suggests, the speaker of a vintage gramophone.

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Peacock Plume Upholstered Chair

Peacock Plume Divine Chair
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Here’s a different kind of Peacock Chair than the one previously featured here on The Gig. The difference is, I think you’re allowed to sit on this one!

Peacock Chair By Dror Benshetrit

Peacock Chair by Dror Benshetrit
“Look but Please Don’t Sit”

This cool Peacock chair, created by Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit is currently on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It looks very comfy, but of course no sitting is allowed!

Cool Thing of The Day: Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table

Space Age!

Experience the excitement of space travel without the risks by adding the Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table to your home décor instead. This futuristic table designed by Jon Gilmore features a center section with concentric rows of white LED lights that resemble a black hole sucking up light rays. The glass table top serves the dual purpose of supporting your drinks or oversized picture books and protecting you from falling in. The body of the table is made from aluminum in a shiny silver finish and is shaped a bit like an alien spaceship. Functional and innovative, the Black Hole table will look as good in your home as it would in the Jetsons’ living room. Currently priced to move at just $1,069.99, the table’s dimensions are 42”W x 42”D x 16”H. For more specs and purchasing info please visit This Link.

Pink Thing Of The Day: Barbie Silhouette Wall Mirror By Jonathan Adler

Pink Barbie Mirror
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I swear, not even the $295 price tag will  keep me from eventually procuring this Barbie Wall Mirror for the Chickpad! Available directly from Jonathan Adler stores and on the web!

Shark Attack Bean Bag Chair

Shark Bean Bag Chair

Well, actually this is just the cover for what becomes a pretty swell-looking Shark Attack Bean Bag Chair once filled with 200 litres of beans, which are not included in the sale price of $19.95 plus shipping.

Thanks to Neatorama For The Tip!