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Pink Thing Of The Day: Abandoned Pink Cowboy Hat

pink cowboy hat photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Confession: there is often a hidden agenda with regard to my daily walks — I’m looking for stuff to blog about. Since I’m not going to any events, exhibits, restaurants, or shows I must seek inspiration from what I can photograph from the streets. I am rarely disappointed. Behold today’s Pink Thing, found resting amid a group of furniture that had been set out curbside for the garbage truck. I spotted this pristine and fancy Pink Cowboy Hat from the corner, and moved closer to investigate.

pink cowboy hat photo by gail worley

First Sighting

pink cowboy hat photo by gail worley

I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking anything from the trash in this current environment (#covidlife) but I’m glad I was able to preserve it for the blog!

pink cowboy hat photo by gail worley

Spotted on East 3rd Street Near Avenue B, in NYC’s East Village.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Cowboy Hats

Pink Cowboy Hats
Photos By Gail

Part Western Headwear; part Pageant Crown, these fabulous Pink Cowboy Hats were spotted in one of the many fantastic souvenir shops located in Old Town San Diego, while I was on holiday in California last December (2018). I have no idea why it took me six months to make them a Pink Thing of The Week. As you can see, they are more than deserving of the honor.

Pink Cowboy Hats

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Pig Thing in a Tutu with Cowboy Hat

Wicker Pig
Photo By Gail

This week’s Pink Thing, a Pink Pig in a Red Tutu with a Silver Cowboy Hat (who may or may not be related to This Guy) was spotted in a Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Restaurant on the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street in Manhattan. You can see that the pig is adorned with tiny Christmas lights, which the restaurant probably turns on once night falls and the joint gets to jumping, as they say.

Morrison Hotel Gallery Presents Unseen Beatles

Unseen Beatles at The Morrison Hotel Gallery
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It is no secret that The Beatles were, and are, the greatest band ever in the Universe of all time. That said, I’m down for any exhibit of Beatles’ photographs even if I’ve already seen those same pictures a hundred million billion times. Because, The Beatles! You might think, “Gee wiz Gail, isn’t it hard to keep getting excited about The Beatles 40 years after they broke up?” But the answer would be no, no it is not.

Beatles 4 Color by Robert Whitaker
Beatles Four Color Portraits by Robert Whitaker (This Image Courtesy MH Gallery, All Other Photos By Gail)

Thanks to a really excellent plastic surgeon, former Beatle Paul McCartney still looks pretty darn good at 70, but, really, nothing on earth compares to the breathtaking gorgeousness that was Paul when he was in his twenties. Such seriously unchained hotness. It burns my retinas just to look at him. If you also enjoy looking at pictures of The Beatles you can start thanking me now for telling you about an exhibit called Unseen Beatles, which just opened at The Morrison Hotel Gallery loft in Soho. As the title would suggest, these are rare photos of the Fab Four shot by photographers Robert Whitaker and Curt Gunther around 1964. This collection includes live/performance shots, back stage shots, candid shots and portraits of The Beatles both by themselves (or sometimes with fans members of their entourage) and as a group.

Ringo Wearing Cowboy Hat Plus Paul with Harmonica

A few of my favorites are a large portrait of Ringo reading a copy of 16 Magazine (featuring a Beatles cover story), an interior car shot with Paul making a crazy “O Face” and a shot of John and Ringo with some fans outside what looks like a barn, where Ringo schools everyone on how a cowboy hat is worn. Ringo!

George Harrison and Brian Epstein on Sofa
George Harrison with Brian Epstein, John Lennon Imposter in Background

As Emerson Lake & Palmer once said “You Gotta See the Show,” but if you need further encouragement, you can view a series of selected photos from Unseen Beatles (some just for sale but not hung in the exhibit) at This Link.

Unseen Beatles, featuring The Photography of Robert Whitaker and Curt Gunther Will be on Exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft located at 119 Prince Street in SoHo, New York City through the end of Summer, 2012.

Ringo Reading Fan Mag

Morrison Hotel Gallery Logo with Color Beatles Group Shot

Happy Birthday Al and John!!

Al Gail And Nikki
Angie, Al, Gail and Nikki Wear Cowboy Hats!

I would like to wish a Happy Birthday (and Happy Columbus Day) to my pal Al Jourgensen and also to the late great John Lennon, both of whom must be honored and feted for their signifcant contributions to modern music. Jesus Built My Hot Rod, indeed.